HEX Liquidation Giveaway - All cards must go! [FREE] - May 27th

    • HEX Liquidation Giveaway - All cards must go! [FREE] - May 27th

      Greetings everyone! I hope that title draws sufficient attention.

      As many of you already know, HEX is a long game. We've sat through hours and hours of tournaments that consumed the majority of our days. This content is exceptional and the game a pleasure to the point that we willingly sacrifice our lives to accommodate it. However, for the past few months I've been consumed by a regular social group that has shown me new attractions. The best game is one played with friends and mine never play HEX anymore since the early alpha. They just don't have the time for it. So my new friends are my priority when it comes to gaming and they're off elsewhere.

      It's a shame because I love the PVE in the game, love the decks I've built, love grinding multiple characters and proving that simple and cheap decks can easily clear the campaign. HEX allows so very many possible styles of decks that you can easily play it forever if you invest in the cards. Heck, that was my plan. I have the Pro tier kickstarter package which includes free drafts every week. Limitless cards at my account's disposal but I've missed many of those weeks due to my absence and no one shall ever play them again. Mourn that loss for me.

      But there's a silver lining! I will be giving away, not selling, my ENTIRE collection. Commons, Uncommons, Rares, even Legendaries. Gone for good into the void to those who request them.

      How's this going to work? Simple. Post here to register and list any cards you might fancy if you'd like to keep track of them. On May 27th, I'll be spending a few hours mailing cards to those who whisper me with the cards they'd like, going on something of a first come first served basis. There's really no method to this madness and I'm sure I'll get spammed so I'll be just be handing them out as I see fit at the time.

      YOU MUST SIGN UP HERE IF YOU PLAN ON RECEIVING CARDS! - This kind of will promote the event and make the thread popular.

      If you'd like to see my collection to browse it for possibilities, you can browse it here. hex.tcgbrowser.com/#!/cards/collection=22060


      PS - You may have notice there is no time listed. That's correct! It's whenever I feel like getting on. Sometime after noon Eastern standard time.

      I guess you'll just have to actually be playing HEX that day to enter. :D If you're in a tournament, don't worry, you can still spam me.
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    • I'm sad to see you leave the game but totally understand it

      I would love some vamp king or extinction and the Gax, the Sly Roller is the sexiest of things

      Edit: I will not be able to be online the 27th May, so share the love to the other community members

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    • It is a really awesome gesture you are doing here...
      I understand your problem and concerns cause I have the same trouble here in Greece. None of my friends play Hex, but I still have fun with this really alive community...
      Ok. Are you ready? cause I am going hard... Spectral Oak, William Roan, Daughter of the poet, Valiant Escort, Rune Ear Hierophant, Righteous Outlaw, well of conquest, llama herder, brilliant tactitian
      All would be mind blowing, any of them would be awesome again. :)
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    • Sorry to see you go. But it's not like you can't keep the account. HEX is a really cool game, and it will hopefully only get better.

      But what you are doing is pretty cool: if you aren't going to use them, I imagine there will be plenty of people here that can use them.

      Some of the stuff you have, like the Kickstarter Mercenaries would be awesome to have. There's also a lot of legendaries that would make perfect additions to different PVE decks I have: Xenototh's Malice, Phenteo, Bloombringer, Zombie Plague, and Dragons!!!
    • This is a really cool gesture. A lot of people would've attempted to eek every penny they could out of a collection they weren't planning to use... and while there's nothing wrong with that, it's still a fantastic way to really pump up some peoples' morale about the game by getting some amazing free stuff.

      Best of luck with your future endeavors, and you can always come back if things seem right down the line. :)

      For whatever reason, when I click on the link to tyour collection it just takes me to a page listing every card in the game with 0s next to all of them, so I can't really put what I'm interested in, but that's fine since I'll be working that day anyways. Mostly posting to support your endeavor and wish you luck :)
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      Also... I'm terrible at this game.
    • Zantetsuken wrote:

      However, for the past few months I've been consumed by a regular social group that has shown me new attractions. The best game is one played with friends and mine never play HEX anymore since the early alpha. They just don't have the time for it.

      You know, you could just make new friends who already play Hex. ;)

      BTW, I think you need to make a tradelist based on your collection rather than extra cards and then post that link. I don't think anybody can see your collection other than yourself.
    • Well this link should work for his collection:


      And not that I don't like free stuff, but have you considered giving your stuff to some of the streamers or others that already have established contests? Their contests on streams could probably do a lot of good publicity for the HEX community than this free-for-all on the forums. It would also probably be a lot easier than getting spammed on Saturday and catering to individual requests.

      I know Thrawn runs a pretty cool contest and would probably greatly appreciate donations.
    • I of course am looking to get a play set of every card out there as well as 1 of every mercenary out there but I know that most likely won't happen.

      Wish there was a way to show what is in your collection as a whole to others without having to use something Hex Entertainment didn't program into Hex: Shards of Fate as some of the cards I do have a full play set for as well as a copy of several of the mercenaries already.
    • It's always a shame to see someone leave the game. Especially if they've been around for a long time. But at least it's a matter of time instead of not wanting to play. I would suggest you keep your cards and try to convince your friend group to try the game out once multiplayer exists but that seems likely to not be until 2018 or even 2019. It's your choice though.

      I don't know much about tcgbrowser since I don't use it myself but it looks like your collection isn't showing properly for us. I'm assuming anything on the list is something you have at least one copy of though

      I tend to let other players try and get free things since I have almost everything already but you do have the only card I don't have 4 copies of which is Spectral Oak. Some others have posted about it before me so it's possible they get it instead which is fine but I'll take any opportunity to try and finish my set.

      I know it wasn't listed in the original post but I would also be very interested in any legendary or promo stardust you have. Also any set 1,2,3 or 4 chests you might have. But if you're going to be sending stuff for a bunch of the day I would like to point out sending large numbers of stardust and chests will make your client freeze most of the time so you would have to relog
    • This is a very kind thing of you to do! Also I agree with Arcanyx in that you might want to consider giving it to some streamers to give away.
      Some of the cards I'd like to keep track of are Mooof, Monkey of the nine tails, Cardboard tube samurai, Gaz, AA extinction, Dark Heart, Spectral Oak (ofc), the crowd roars, roars, tribunal magistrate, and chlorophyllia.
      Once again this is a very awesome thing of you to do!
    • im interested in spectral oak, the crowd roars, KS merc, a playset of transmogrifade, phenteo, walking calamity, titania's majesty, Wiliam rowan, Xentoth's Malice, Vampire King and any set 1 and 2 rares.

      But it's sad to see you leave hex that way :(.

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    • Wow this is amazing!!!

      Giving away your collection instead of selling it is quite generous. Wish you found more friends in game to chat and discuss the game with. I am currently struggling with the same as my friends don't play Hex. So I completely understand your reasoning for leaving.

      Sad to see you go, and wish you luck in your future!
    • Thanks Arcanyx - that link works great

      So as to avoid simply being 'the guy who just wants everything expensive'(I'll leave the expensive items for people with less ;))... I'd be interested in some of the harder to get pve things like wildflame phoenixes, aradam cultist, and juurdin... and some of the more unique and fun cards like Replicator's Gambit, Ingenuity Engine plans, Izydor, Zombie Plague, etc.

      But as I said, I'll be at work so good luck to everyone in getting the stuff you want :)
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      Also... I'm terrible at this game.
    • sorry to see this ,,i do like zhe emty account ,,,because of zhe sleever or something else ,,and
      Mercenary like

      Cardboard Tube Samurai Mooof Mephistophelius ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
      pve cards Lady Cassandra
      The Crowd Roars! Spectral Oak,,,,,,,

      wish u have a good ,,and

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    • i cant see ur collection,but i can see ur pve deck,i like ur shin'here pve deck,it looks so funny,but i havent hierophant,so i think i realy want it.And the transmogrifade,i realy want too,because this is borrowed from someone else,i have no one,but i need it.
      last,this geme is best game i had played,sadly to see u have to leave,best wish to u,hope u glad every day.
    • I'm sorry to see someone leave Hex, even though I'm not an experienced player here. What you are doing is amazing, thanks for your generosity.

      It's shameful to say that, but honestly, I hope I can get the High Infinitrix to build my Diamond/Blood deck. XD

      Good luck to you and everyone who get the free stuffs.