HEX Impulse - Card of the Day and more!

    • HEX Impulse - Card of the Day and more!

      Hello all, my name is Chandler Prunty, with my site HEX Impulse! We're the up-and-coming HEX TCG resource, including, but not limited to:
      • Card of the Day articles -- these articles, written by me, showcase a new card each day and show their strengths, weaknesses, and possible combos and alternate uses. I write these personally every weekday, Monday through Friday.
      • Rotation Primer -- Want to know what your favorite deck loses with the set 6 rotation? Just interested to see what kind of things you don't have to deal with anymore? This is for you. Right now this is down for updates, but it should be up by this Monday if all goes well.
      • Immortal Spotlight -- This is a new weekly series incoming with set 6, Scars of War, wherein I look at popular (and sometimes, not so popular) cards in the Immortal format, and explain exactly why they are so popular or unpopular.
      • Deck Archives -- This one's under construction currently, but starting with set 6, this will be updated after each major tournament with decklists for all the top decks, with different builds showing how they changed over time. This one's my child, and as such, will take a little time to grow, but here's hoping this helps many people in the future!
      My overall goal with this site is simple: to help new players and veterans alike improve at the game. Everyone has something they can learn, and sometimes, all it takes is being able to see a card in a new light for great ideas to be born. This site has always been and will always be free, and while I'm currently the only writer, I'm dedicated to this project like no other, and I'm dedicated to helping the community. In the future, I'd like to host Immortal tournaments, specialty tournaments, and hold community events, as another way of giving back to this wonderful community that has treated me so well.

      As a final word, I'd like to thank everyone who has supported the site so far and I hope only to improve in the future!