Auction House Posting Problems With Gold And Platinum?

    • Auction House Posting Problems With Gold And Platinum?

      It's hard to prove this, but when I am posting various items to the auction house and am switching back and forth between gold and platinum, I believe I have seen several times where I told the UI to post something for platinum and it ended up posting for gold.

      I know that there have been times that I have mis-entered which currency to post as, but I believe there have been times when I entered one currency and it posted for the other.
    • Just from personal, anecdotal experience, I have to say that I don't remember it ever happening to me.

      (The AH changing the currency by itself, I mean; making the mistake myself happens a bit too often, I'm embarrassed to confess =)

      I do post a lot of items on both gold and plat after I run a couple of Evos, and other than the UI not being very user-friendly IMHO (and thus being easy to mis-click and make a mistake), at least in my case what you mention does not seem to be happening.