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  • 5 Cost [WILD][SAPPHIRE] Unique - Fae Elemental When you a troop you transforms put a Pixie Counter on this (2) Remove 4 Pixie Counters: Interrupt Target Card. "I like to play tricks too!" 2[ATK] 8[DEF] I was trying to come up with something for transform decks that gives them a better pay-off. Not sure if this is good enough but it seems fun :p

  • [PVE] New kismet packs?

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    Moar Dinglers!

  • Like I said in my original post, I'm not sure nor am I saying people are abusing it. It's more of the fact that the option to do so is there for them to be able to and that I would like to see it controlled or released more widely.

  • Ya Transience I figured that as well I'm just curios if we have an ETA yet basically as well as the concern of the possibility of some of the people that have access to it possibly abusing it.

  • I'm not sure about this idea myself but in regards to the Legendary issue they could make one always a rare and the other have a % roll basically to be rare/legendary.

  • I am directing this post at the devs. It is something that I am personally interested in both as a semi-competitive player and someone looking to possibly do content in the future. The replay feature is an incredibly useful tool, both for casting and for going over your games and finding mistakes you may have made. I can and do record a lot of my games with 3rd party programs when I am testing something, allowing me to review them. But it's not the same as having access to the replay feature in …

  • So today we watched a game on stream where Player A played Candlelight then Played Yetigeddon. 2 Things happened here that shouldn't have: 1. The Baby Yeti's Retained the Illuminate. This shouldn't have happened as they were actions becomming troops and should have been reverted first based on this post. 2. Even if they retain the illuminate text it's not "Deploy - Illuminate" and they aren't being "Played" so they shouldn't have gone off either. This is the l…

  • Bankerbot Icon

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    I mean title says it all.. I wish there was an ingame Icon tho just for Bankerbot :p

  • - How many Primal Packs I proc from the 1500 Set 8 Boosters?......31 - How many Set 8 Packs I need to open to get a playset (4X) of every card?.....1357 - How many Primal Chests I need to open to get all 3 Primal Set 8 Sleeves?......28 - How many Chests I have to spin to get all 3 WoF Set 8 Sleeves?....30 - What is the last card I'll get 4 copies of?..... Exalted Pathfinder

  • Ya, and you can't even send them to friends or sell through trade chat either. It's pretty annoying.

  • Frost Ring Arena - Deck Tier List

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    We need a Nibblin Arena Deck. Why you ask? CAUSE NIBBLINS!

  • You have multiple vanity cards tho broombot!

  • Charity with BroomBot

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    (Hidden Content)

  • Thanks Hackychannel, Alucard, NeroJinous, Pentachills, SilentSnake, Funktion and Mokog for all the shows you do and effort you put into them on the main channel and on your own channel. Thanks Hex.TcgBrowser and HexMeta for the deckbuilding and meta overview assistance you provide for the community. Thanks to all the members of the Prismatic Guild for helping me through tough times and for helping me get back into the game after I took a hiatus for a few months.

  • First things first: Congratulations Jeff on becoming an Exalted. You have put forth content that players can enjoy and have maintained a steady stream schedule for your viewers and to attract new players to the game. I don't think hate should be thrown around willy nilly just because you don't agree with something. Jeff does produce quality content in the form of streaming, youtube, and articles on the website. He does inform his viewers of what the card game is and how things work in the game. …

  • 1. 19 2. 999 3. 50 4. 113 5. Locke of the Pack

  • Havoc's prices are always great. I've dealt with him in the past and will continue to deal with him for most of my in game needs. Note: There was this one time I got a thorn Pup that smelled a little like Bella urine; Havoc replaced it with 2! (j/k of but had to take a crack at him somehow :p)

  • Quote from Biz: “all people don't need unrestricted access to 100% of the games to create live content. that would let anyone just ask a "friend" to reveal much of their opponents' decklist (except for the very first game) for live casting, the server only needs to expose a handful of interesting matches per round (possibly detected via some algorithms with better-than-random accuracy), and then publish the rest after the conclusion of the event they can even disable access to older rounds once …

  • Well I think he means that the caster slots would limit you seeing them during the tournament. After the tournament you'd be able to view them as normal. I think that NEEDS to happen otherwise you could scout using a second computer or the aid of a friend basically (assuming that decklists aren't made 100% public at start). I agree that the ability to cast the game yourself form your point of view would be good for multiple reasons. I mean who knows, maybe you cast a game and post it on youtube …

  • In all honesty, whatever happens I'm still going to play the game and play in the tournaments. I personally would like a simple response from Hex Entertainment themselves on if using the replay feature to cast the tournament is going to be the new normal. Also if they are going to make any other changes in regards to it because they are doing this. Whatever they say is the answer and that's that imo.