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  • Quote from Vroengard: “Quote from Ertzi: “Has no pvp Is not F2P Sells nothing for real money, but especially not random card packs Has no microtransactions at all, and is preferably built on expansions Give me this, and I will throw money at you for the rest of my life ” How would one spend money on that? In the form of donations to the company? You said that they're not selling cards or have microtransactions. ” I assume he meant Buy to Play game with expansions sold as expansions like in case …

  • Well, 64 ppl played ladder last month, not bad.

  • Quote from tophat: “Quote from Firellius: “I personally think the biggest issue is that, although there are loads upon loads of really, really, -really- fun and interesting cards in the game, the majority of them are only properly usable in an extremely static environment. If Siege had been made a gold gain instead of a gold sink, and had been balanced to be based on getting out more wins than losses, I think that would've pulled HEX out of its nosedive. Or at least it would've had a chance to d…

  • You know what? I feel soooooo damn good, because I haven't spent on Hex even 1$.

  • Quote from Ossuary: “Quote from Portensio: “I think they just copy pasted the past title and left it like that.. it was a currency update! It is indeed strange as a title. ” Yeah, that's roughly the level of effort, professionalism, and attention to detail we've come to expect from today's HexEnt. Dinobot, activate! 9425f8721a71b32a6b3fb48133d011f4.jpg ” Reminds me something...

  • Quote from omoreindakitchen: “Quote from Morwath: “I don't see a word about 'currency' in those notes? ” That would be curreny = preparation They could have taken something less misleading though. ” Indeed, thanks for explaining.

  • I don't see a word about 'currency' in those notes?

  • Quote from cainhu: “Quote from Cernz: “Quote from cainhu: “I can't vote, because my opinion would be : I don't know. I think HEX would lose a bigger part of it's current remaining player base, as after 5 years almost nobody would be happy to lose their collection and progress, and start from SET 1. The question is : would it be good enough to draw in enough new players? How it would be different? It MUST be different in some manner, either the economy model, the modes offered (PVP modes, new PVE…

  • How far is AZ3 coming?

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    Quote from Mokog: “Maybe. We dont know what is on the priority schedule. That is one of the things causing board negativity. This could be PVE dev time but then will the release get delayed due to art assets too? ” Well, they can build stuff with existing cards and arts.

  • How far is AZ3 coming?

    Morwath - - HEX Discussions


    Quote from Firellius: “Quote from Frederik: “player made dungeon with sory's would be amazing, but swill people play it if there is no reward, and giving reward whyle having no disadvantage for the siege creators will probably cause some abuse by people creating easy content as farm. ” This can be remedied by setting conditional rewards. For example... 10 gold reward: Encounter can be anything you want. 50 gold reward: Encounter can only have 40% of its deck consist of resources. Minimum HP of e…

  • Quote from Bootlace: “stuff ” Very good points.

  • Quote from Mitthrawnuruodo: “Quote from Morwath: “You can do it even faster in Hex via AH. ” I can't even think of a situation where this is even close to being a true statement unless the AH has changed drastically since I last dove into it. If you can show me how to post, sell, and receive fair Plat payment of every card I pulled in a draft in less than a minute I will send you everything I pull or win from my next week of drafts as thanks. ” I meant buying packs... but when you mention it, yo…

  • Quote from Mitthrawnuruodo: “Quote from Portensio: “Quote from Rendakor: “It would be impossible to go infinite without engaging in the secondary market. ” and the problem is? Mtgo works thtat way. ” MTGO also allows you to engage the market by doing 30 seconds of direct trade with a bot in client. That makes a HUGE difference. ” You can do it even faster in Hex via AH.

  • Whats better, dead limited for one set, or dead game for eternity? Thats the question, limited is usualy dead after two weeks to one month anyway.

  • Quote from Oliver: “Problem is without a change in monetization even Set 10 won't get much money in HexEnt pockets. With so many people already selling Set10 Packs at $0.9 to cash-out the set more or less will be bought with the platinum already in the system. ” Since they are in financial problems, they could sell Set 10 with $ only, and without plat purchases.

  • Quote from Malakhar: “I'm gonna echo improvements to the VIP. I use to be a regular subscriber but then Hex made it so I need to constantly renew it for some reason and the hassle of having to go back and re-subscribe alone has kept me from it, nevermind that it's not being updated to include perks for new content. And if we're talking simple changes to help improve the playerbase situation, I can think of nothing simpler than giving us free siege and Merry Meele variants. Keep the current model…

  • Quote from schild: “they can't abandon set releases, but they can certainly break sets after 10 into smaller sets pretty sure every single player would get behind 150 card sets hex has size issues sets are filled with mega garbage ” "For now" I've said. We need small quality products rather than booster lottery. Look at MTG and all those commander products.

  • Abandon PvP Set releases for now. Focus on EDH and PvE and small products with cards like precons with new cards for such formats.

  • Mage skills (spells) are quick actions, that should be enough reason.

  • Quote from [PSN]bourbenr: “ok, I guess that makes sense but it's a whatever page in the book to me. But what's this thing about raids?? ” The thing about raiding? It's not implemented and probably won't ever be.