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  • Crafting suggestions

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    Quote from Eraia: “I wouldn't be at all surprised if nobody here got the reference... but if we're talking about turning the crafting system practically into a game on its own(which I'm okay with and is one of the few ways I could actually see this whole crafting system working), might I suggest taking points from the Atelier games. ” That's one of my favorite series, actually.

  • Quote from GeneralVeers: “ Army of Myth Slot: Trinket Name: Reality Marble Rules: Your Armies of Myth instead have: This ignores deckbuilding restrictions, and you may have only 1 copy in your deck. Before drawing your starting hand, play this for free. Choose X. Create an Ionioi Hetairoi with X mana counters and put it into play under your control. Gold and EXP rewards for completing this encounter are multiplied by X+1. Ionioi Hetairoi Type: Constant Rules: Spectral At the start of each of you…