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  • New And Need Help

    BoraFarinis - - New Player Help


    Hey there, Send me a mail ( Borafarinis ) with stuff that you need and i'll hook you up with anything that can helop you. There's no reason why it should be gathering virtual dust and not being used =)

  • On a more positive note, my ticket was answered to yesterday.

  • Well, looks like the support is on a hiatus, I also have a ticket still waiting from last week: 17/Jul/18 11:16 AM. It used to be solved in a matters of days, usually within 48hours.

  • Lost a keep to the same kind of scenario: 2 Burn with equip in hand, opponent at 5. Let's skip the turn and get killed or burn some stupid troop on the way.

  • Quote from CoSVII: “Rowdie & +1/1 each time you play a resource ” Explanation Rowdy: gives you some boost of damage and the added bonus of increasing the cost of Brilliant Annihilix, getting it out of range of the Corners of the World attribute which makes you sacrifice 1 troop with cost 3 or less at the beginning of their turn +1/+1 for each ressource: Gets it out of Eldurathan's Glory and Massacre range once it's at 4/4.

  • The card Gorge of the Gore God has a cost of 1X , which means that it requires a payment of 1 and then a value for X . Therefore, you cannot play it for less than 1, and you need to pay an addinitionale cost >0 if you want the card to have any effect. I can't remember if you can pay 0 to cast it though (if for example you wanted to trigger some "when you play an action" card).

  • The Spider is dying...

    BoraFarinis - - HEX Discussions


    Sad news everybody ! I'll definitely miss lurking in your stream to get my fill of Rick and Morty meets Hex. It was always a refreshing time to hear you spurt insanities while commenting on your games or someone else's (great job with your unofficial coverages btw, I always enjoyed those). You brought a lack of apparent seriousness to the table which sets you apart from some of the more "Why so serious"/"All work and no play" streamers. I'll be on the lookout for your occasional streams! May we …

  • Hey there, This is my version of a non-budget candle deck, in which you can still find budget ways to improve some hard matchups:!/deck=313741 1) Lumagoth with equip can allow you to turn an opponent board wipe into a blow out on your turn. 2) If you happen to have a Confession of Embers with equip, that's another free Illuminate 3 with the added 3 to everything non-elemental. Don't pay attention to the trinket slot, it should be the Choir of Lumos one. The ices, while slowi…

  • Easy 3-0 with a draft W/R, one of the rare times when it was not underdrafted: The troop which handled the last match alone, getting out on turn 3 in round 1 thanks to the Howling Rebel was Flamewrought Obliteron , boosted by the The Rabid Rider and Whack-a-Gnoll for a whooping 20+ damage (socketed with Double damage and Feral). I still don't get how I managed to get this much good cards to be able to go bicolor.

  • Refuel + Replipopper looks pretty disgusting: +2 boons for the reanimated Repli gives it a high chance to be able to push through.

  • Quote from Norwind: “Fractured Faith is 0 cost fog in its simplest form ” With the added bonus of being able to cherry pick some of your opponent troops and make them splatter against your board. That's a crazy good card !

  • I tried running a rock version of this into Fight night, and Nightbloom sure is a powerfull addition to the deck. I also find that First Rites can be pretty clunky, you could either add some removal ( Herofall ) or, to keep the spamming rolling, some Blightseed Cultivator

  • The same happens when you have a Nameless Pact and your opponent triggers it, it skips his second main phase. I guess ut would also skip yours if it triggered during your turn.