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  • Alright, cool.

  • Quote from CoSVII: “@tophat - don’t get ANY hopes up. Speculation is that the payout of tournament prizes is the first step to shutting down servers (to avoid law suits). ” Ya this is about what I figured. But there is always the chance it is part of the process of selling the company, which... maybe is good?

  • Is this hope? I feel like this could be hope.

  • Quote from Pandaemonium: “Quote from Ainulindale: “Quote from Pandaemonium: “What came first the horrible business model or the inability to make good pve content that constantly changes is more difficult to determine. ” Way back ago, before AZ1 or PvE classes came out, they announced that they were making it so PvE classes would only have a few levels, and only level up in dungeons, but only for the duration of that dungeon. They reverted the decision when there was a massive backer outcry, com…

  • Quote from AceBladewing: “Quote from Pandaemonium: “Kickstarter people who wanted to "invest" with things like multiple pro tiers probably helped sway the game to focus on card value retention which I dont think helped the game either. ” Nah, that's bullshit, sorry. People wanting card value retention is completely reasonable. The way the devs handled providing it is the problem. ” I think you are both correct? As the value of digital cards can never be guaranteed beyond the popularity of the ga…

  • Quote from Ainulindale: “Quote from Fred: “It's always been about a lack of engineering resources, not a lack of ideas or lore or card design. ” No, it was specifically a lack of willingness to design a proper PvE game. If you play through the adventure zones using only the cards you can get from that, your deckbuilding options are boring craps. It's grindathons for weak, or incredibly niche cards that are only good if you have a whole deck built around the concept (which mostly involves PvP car…

  • Quote from AceBladewing: “All I know is whoever releases a PVE focused card game of quality will get all my money. Unfortunately, Hex already took my money without giving me what they promised. Never again will I kickstart based on potential. ” I still don't get it, I figured "it's a TCG, not star citizen, they aren't promising the world, surely, they can deliver even if they are a small company..." and then... ugh. rabble rabble rabble!

  • Lack of news

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    Quote from AceBladewing: “Quote from SaintVicarious: “Indeed. That, or at least let us run private servers, so we aren't completely cut off from singleplayer content when the studio invariably folds. ” Why would they do that? There's literally nothing in it for them to spend the time and effort doing that. ” Technically, in the end, there was nothing for them in everything they have done so far either. I suppose the experience looks nice on a resume, so long as they don't mention that experience…

  • Hex: We decided on a monetization scheme that protects the value of player's collections *monetization fails, game fails to garner a following, collections lose all value* Hex: Zq0iBJK.jpg

  • Feeling stoked!

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    Quote from AceBladewing: “I've learned from some unnamed game not to believe dev promises until they're delivered. ” You know I used to be able to say I never backed a kickstarter than failed or turned out to be a scam. I was rather proud of that too.

  • Quote from Vroengard: “Quote from The HEX Team: “You all wouldn't like co-op in Hex ” Huh... they did say that at some point, didn't they? Another show of ineptitude. ” They did?

  • Ouch, my feels.

  • Quote from Firellius: “I personally think the biggest issue is that, although there are loads upon loads of really, really, -really- fun and interesting cards in the game, the majority of them are only properly usable in an extremely static environment. If Siege had been made a gold gain instead of a gold sink, and had been balanced to be based on getting out more wins than losses, I think that would've pulled HEX out of its nosedive. Or at least it would've had a chance to do so. ” Ya, they rea…

  • Not 100% certain why, probably a mix of the game not being in a very good state, feeling unfinished and of course, missing the key feature I'd invite friends for in the first place: co-op. (hah) ...and it goes without saying that the buy in to have a decent deck to play the constructed PvP side of the game was so much I'd never ask them to pay it, not that I was even interested in that side of the game anyway, just sayin'. Do I think hex was bad? Not really, I liked it but I also like grand stra…

  • Quote from Stonehammer: “I backed for PVE. I bought a bunch of decks for PVE. I have not touched the game because I am just not good as a PVP player and trying to get into a "fair" game feels like hitting myself with a brick. PVE coop was why i jumped in as OP said; a card game with RPG elements yes please. ” I've seen this comment a lot and I get to thinking that maybe they never really intended hex to be as PvE focused as people wanted it to be but just failed to communicate that to people bac…

  • How far is AZ3 coming?

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    Quote from Goliathus: “They can't even release Set 10 on time and you ask this. ” Technically we've been waiting for AZ3 a lot longer than set 10...

  • Dino Watch

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    Quote from Airtron: “Dino appears to be reading this thread atm! POGGERS ” Going out on a limb here, having not read past this point and assume there is no response yet, as it has to be run past the bosses and legal team first, to be sanitized and cleansed of any actual commitments or spoilers, to the point of not having any meaningful content. "hey guys really excited about the future and I'm glad there is so much interest in hex! ... ... That's it -dinobot"

  • Quote from RoyG: “I'll try to reply Hex Ent style: Start Hex ent reply: New merry melee Clash and bash this week End Hex ent replay Seems fine.I should get a job as a community manager ” You nailed it.

  • Quote from NicoSharp: “When your only hope quickly becomes I hope the lights stay on for a few more months, all those castles in the sky promised 5 years ago start to matter a lot less than having clean drinking water. ” At this point the only hope I am holding out is that slim chance I'll be able to raid at least once before the servers shut down for good.

  • I have given the idea of keeps a considerable amount of thought myself and one area I have always gotten stuck on is how to incentivize attacking them. It's actually fairly tricky without the ante system. You want a couple things from keeps. One, you want people to want to attack them, thus there must be a reward for them to earn for attacking. Two, you have to reward people for defending them, so everyone does not simply make easy sieges to attack and get the rewards. The ante system does this …