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  • Congrats to our top 3 of the 2nd Immortal Tears! * 1st Place - SlimHeavens * 2nd Place - PRG * 3rd Place - Sargon Vito * 2ndImmortalTears1stPlaceDeck.png * 2ndImmortalTears2ndPlaceDeck.png * 2ndImmortalTears3rdPlaceDeck.png

  • Havok, you should bump your cosmic trophies idea here. It may require an ammount of UI work but I think on a basic level a hall of fame of some sort for important tournaments should be in game. As far as new ideas for the list, I think patches, backdoor updates and the known bugs list should be integrated with the client in some sort of news feed/page.

  • Congratulations to our top 3 from the Immortal Tears! * 1st Place - Enotarien * 2nd Place - NephilimArmy * 3rd Place - Sargon Vito * 1stImmortalTears1stPlaceDeck.png * 1stImmortalTears2ndPlaceDeck.png * 1stImmortalTears3rdPlaceDeck.png

  • Quote from Elwinz: “We don't have decklists for this event right? ” I am working on getting the deck lists for top 3 from yesterday.

  • Had some extra time to make some last minute assets and upgrade my audio setup. My co-host K2 should have a voice visualizer for the tournament. G8egayv.png

  • Start Time For The Next Immortal Tears * Donated Prize-Pool This Month * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * Wall of Fame 1st IT - Enotarien 2nd IT - SlimHeavens

  • Quote from Lunavi: “I strongly disagree with the fairness of Epic Spell Warz. Out of the ones we have seen so far that is the one where I have seen the most games where RNG alone screwed up matches for me and have helped me win games I had no business winning by giving me stuff like Sugar Rush into Sugar rush for sick card draw and mana acceleration to play spells. That is not a fair format in my opinion, I also think that you are too hard on Who's the Boss as the auto loss matchups were far bet…

  • Here is how I feel about our three Merry Melee rotations we have seen. - Cornith Vs Cornith - Low Prerequisites 9/10 This format requires a fair 100p and some basic information on how to play the game, giving it high scores on this factor. - Incentive 6/10 The incentive for all the rotations so far have been, at three wins a random rare card, at four wins a pack and at five both a rare and a pack total. On top of these after ~ten wins you get a sleeve unique to that rotation. The rewards are fai…

  • Hello and good day everybody! We are now in the third rotation of The Merry Melee and what in my opinion is the best rotation so far. I think we started off with a rocky start but Epic Spell Wars is leaps and bounds ahead of it's predecessors. The Merry Melee is a great addition to hex and a great idea to promote some casual play. Some people may find that statement controversial after their experiences with it but, really I think that is just the first two formats not being executed as well as…

  • Immortal_Tears_Logo_With_Words.png Format -Immortal Double Elimination Tournament Schedule 1st Friday of Each Month @17:30 UTC 3rd ever immortal tears on Friday, 08/03/2018 Entry & Fee -400p \More Info/ (Hidden Content) Prizes Prizes are based on entry fees and donations with payouts focused on 1st, 2nd & 3rd. Want to donate to the prize pool? Send a direct message to @Hell Crescent#0850 on Discord to learn more! \More Info/(Hidden Content) \How To Compete/ (Hidden Content) Join the Prismatic Di…

  • Quote from CoastCity: “Man I am so bummed that Siege packs' contents are untradeable. That feeling will be compounded when shit drops from these packs that I already have, and an otherwise enjoyable play experience will transform to a feeling of time spent worthlessly. The art on those shards is AMAZING though. ” Well the siege stuff you stop getting duplicates of non-standard resource cards after you have your playset.

  • So I am a bit worried that siege rewards can be abused. I don't remember the exact values but if you have a kick starter account you could stack your siege so it is bad or losses to a specific arc type, place it at a low buy in and repeatedly que into it on your alt account to farm sacks with minimal gold loss. I don't remember how much gold goes to the void but this could be potentially abusable to farm your AA playset of pvp cards like Eternal Seeker.

  • This looks fun, here is my submission. ShokuTheDominator_zpsehig7ewu.png~originalShokuTheDominator%20Token_zpswarl9gzt.png

  • Brown Fox Warden

  • Now that the ladder has rolled over I am going to make a couple deck proposals. Some of them are probably going to be budget versions of current decks with some original decks mixed in. I will probably start testing them once I hit plat then post a batch here after I have tested about 4 decks. I am going to try to keep my plat ceiling a little lower then 7k if we want a package price of around 3k plat. I do think it would be a good idea to instead of basing the value and budget of the deck off t…

  • When a card with a "When this leaves play" effect reverts and plays for free from a "Mysterious Rune" it will trigger it's effect. This may be intended since it technically does revert then go from play back into play. Mysterious Rune So far I have seen this bug twice, both times in frost ring arena. The first was when I played "rune bind" on "Decree of banishing" and got my troop back when he drew a resource. Decree of Banishing Runebind The second time I used rune bind to kill a FRA boss by "R…

  • Photoshop Card Makers Toolkit

    HellCrescent - - Fan Art


    I decided I should round out this theme so here are some more samples of prismatic troops. Horseman_War.pngHorsman_Plague.pngHorsman_Famine.png

  • Photoshop Card Makers Toolkit

    HellCrescent - - Fan Art


    I have been doing a lot of work in photoshop trying to make some assets for making cards. I have all the basics done for making most cards but, still need to make fonts for different text types like One-Shot, Quick etc. Eventually I plan to port the whole thing to Gimp and make an easy way anyone with that fee software can make their own high quality cards. Here is what I made today. Horsman_Spoiler.png The psd is still a work in progress but it can do a ton in it's current stage. If anyone want…

  • Princess Cory Poster

    HellCrescent - - Fan Art


    I made this a year or two ago for someone and then reused it for our guild recruitment post. Thought I should post it on here. CoryJonesIWantYou_zps1ugqagmj.png~original

  • FRA Priority Bug

    HellCrescent - - Bugs and Tech Issues


    No, I do not have replay at this time, I haven't applied for it until recently since I didn't feel it was needed by me.