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  • I receive a segmentation fault when trying to run ./Hex.86. I'm on Xenial. I have included the Stacktrace and debug info bellow if someone wants to have a look. I would be thankful for any help.

  • Since we haven't gotten any spoilers today I wonder if we might be getting the full list today?

  • Source: Silent_Auctioneer.png So this is pretty wild right? I want to see the turn 1 this, turn 2 another one, turn 3 Blue Sparrow draw and discard a 23 cost Woken Drokkatar. Yep.

  • Quote from Wolzarg: “Am i the only one who finds the common shards to be absolute trash outside of limited? Like the art is stunning but i don't see my self ever playing those in constructed. I mean yesh make them cost a charge instead or something one resource to make my bad shard one of two different normal shards really? ” I honestly think they are better than the slow shards (unless I am missing something). They are worse turn one but better on future turns.

  • I really like to common resources! Honestly much more interesting than the rare ones.

  • I think the requirement should be two thresholds instead of four. This makes them kinda hard to use since you can't really take 4 damage from your resources in the first four turns against aggressive/midrange.

  • Now that we've seen all the 3-colour unique legendaries (one for each team in the team's new colours) I think it is safe to say that Chug and Kha are miles above the rest. I feel like Iron Maiden really really needed something more on her to make her playable.

  • Quote from Colin: “Quote from Colin: “Quote from Olfff: “The locke B/R reanimation spell could be nice with the Nox scorpion people. Or just in the aristocraft deck. " Heyyyy My blightbark bursters are on the field again ! and they die ! and so do you. " ” Wait till you get a look at some of the other consequences of Locke's Blood Magic experimentation... rL90EWz.png ” Any guesses on what my new Undead Zombie Gnoll BFF does? YbSjVlU.png ” I want to say reanimation but refuel already does that. M…

  • Quote from Lunavi: “Quote from TheGreatCulling: “I try to reserve my judgment until the full spoiler list is released, but I'm really not sold on this card. At least it seems to be aptly named... ” It is turn 4 in limited, your opponent played an x/2 last turn (not an unrealistic nor unlikely turn of events), you play this and nullify their play at the same time as you develop board with 3/3 stats spread across 3 bodies. It is both a card economical win and a tempo gain. What is there not to lik…

  • From OinkersthePartyPigG.png See this card, although not powerful imho, is interesting and exciting to play, and hence is OK in my book.

  • Quote from Cyru: “Spoiled in History of a Hex Card - Dogpile Dogpile.pngRabid%20Gnoll.png ” Although I like to reserve judgment on how strong a card is if I have an inclination that the card in question is bad. However here I feel like I need to comment. I don't see how this cards is powerful in the slightest. I can see the appeal of a burn spell with 'crush' but I think if the burn spell (without 'crush') is weak the appeal is a lot lower. 5 damage for 4, with two different thresholds, at basic…

  • Quote from Steric: “Spoiler from Funktion's Hangman Game: Hawkward%20Turn.png ” This seems pretty damn powerful. An unconditional 2 cost removal for any card that casually fateweaves as well. It's powerlevel will depend on how dangerous a 2/2 flyer is in the format. If a 2/2 flyer is not very strong, this card is gas gas gas. Oh an being able to target your own cards is some sweet gravy.

  • Quote from schild: “Quote from Ducklett: “I went into the designing phase with 3 cards: 1 was a joke card on Pot of Greed and Pot of Weed 1 was what I thought a Sapphire and Wild Shin'Hare would look like 1 was what I thought would be a more interesting and Kismet-themed Psychic Ascension (The one that was selected) Pretty much every option up here would be super fun to play and hopefully that is what they were going for. I think it is safe to say this experiment thus far as been a success. ” no…

  • Quote from CheekyBreeky: “Would've voted BlazingRagnaroks design if prophecy was coming back for sure, but it looks like it will be pve only ” I echo this so much. It would be nice to just have confirmation if the card will be pvp or not, and not have it be tied to prophey returning.

  • "Dinosaur Cloud" 2 Troop - Elemental Dinosaur Flight When you gain a charge, add a storm counter to this. Remove 1 storm counter -> This gains +1/+1. Remove 1 storm counter -> This battles target opposing troop. 0 /3 Art idea: A cloud elemental (like Storm Cloud) but with a Tyrannosaurus Rex head. Numbers are obviously not set in stone. The pump effect could also be larger and temporary.

  • Quote from ThufirHawat: “Quote from Steric: “All names and traits are just placeholders and subject to change. Howling Plains Seer 3 cost Troop - Coyotle While the top card of your deck is a resource, you can see and play the top card of your deck. When you play a resource, create two Brown Fox Scout and put them into your deck. 3/3 ” If this were quick, it'd be pretty much perfect. Love this one. ” I will second this so much. I had a bunch of designs in mind (might still post some) but Steric's…

  • Quote from schild: “Quote from FryChikN: “Should we just be expecting mostly limited filler from here on out? ” god I hope not Most of the cards thus far are limited filler unless this is the slowest format since 1995 ” This is very much par for the course in TCGs. Most of the cards in new sets are not constructed all-stars. This has been true for previous sets of HEX as well.