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  • Soooo... A weekly update somewhat worth login into the forums again... Sure, make a Hex 2. But you know what's important for this idea to have any chance to concretize, some day, maybe ? Don't let your community die. This game had a loving community, ready to give you even more funding money at times where it was obvious the boat was sinking, ready to make fan made PVE raids when you dropped PVE, ready to help with coding or design matters. But not a word for over a year, no encouraging the cont…

  • Stone me if you want, but - PvE???

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    I went from completely in love with the game to completely disgusted by the posture of those who run it. At this point, even a new set coming up right now, without any bugs or other ( will never happen ) would'nt get me back in the game. All that's left of Hex for me is typing " OMEGA LUL" in twitch chats when someone mentions it. Followed by * cries *, because it's so very very sad.

  • What should be changed ? -The stance regarding communication, for one. -Make dingleton its own free access format, and see people spend money because they want to ( buying their prized singles) and not because they have to ( cost of entry for playing what should be a casual mode ) -Test new sets for evo before releasing them > last set what nice to draft, horrendous to play evo with, no testing, sales periclit in one of the most noobie frendly, eaisly accessible paying mode > here we are Hex alr…

  • Well this might be my last t.ime passing around here. It's real sad for Hex, I truly loved this game. But it's painfully obvious now that at no point the audience of this game was considered anything other than talking wallets. There has been lot of occasions to be vocal and to engage dialogue. All gone to shit. I salute every forum member still around, you guys were cool and fun to read. See you in random card game streams on twitch maybe.

  • I'm kinda salty that the game seems to end on a set like Doombringer. By far my least favourite since Primal Dawn. And considering pve had been thrown down the bottomless abyss quite some time ago , I would have loved for Hex to at least go all the way to what was programmed pvp wise, aka set 10 and the wrap up of the whole Frozen arena saga. But no. " We'll be late 2 months for the latest set guys, and then give you some news" But no news. There won't be any set 10, or else you would have start…

  • Such a great game, such an atrocious end.

  • As the community's mood goes downhill, the Hex memes shoot up in quality, I'm glad I still pass by on the ofrums once a week, in this regard, not all is lost.

  • Ok I did'nt check the forums in a week and just read this thread It's one more step in the right direction... I can't be mad for making dingleton more like a highlander format we've asked for, even if I feel it would have been just better to completely implement it as its own permanent free access feature, distinct from melee, re-introduced with a fanfare rather than just it being a rotating mode of melee. Still, I haven't logged in in months and this news gave me a sudden itch, I'll give it a t…

  • How far is AZ3 coming?

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  • Actual communication. Although it is short and maybe to talk about sad matters, it is greatly welcome. See how a few words, even about bad news, are avidly listened, commented, and immediatly lift up the mood around this forum ( can't talk for the rest, less vocal, part of the community afterall ) ? Thank you Cory, Dino, and all the others, for reinitiating dialogue with a community who is in a dire need of it right now.

  • Dino Watch

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    Been some time since I've played, but I still lurk on the forums, just passing by to say to the Hex staff reading the forums, Dino and others, we, or at least I, still love you and the unique wonderful game you brought to life, but god damn it talk to us. I'm not login in again before at least the next pvp set, if it does come out, I'll try evos for a week or two because I really love the world of entrath and collecting cards. But I'm not chasing stuff, or making anymore commitment to the game f…

  • Further disappointment. Looks like everything and anything now is just a new way to try and sink the plat off players while concurrently not giving them what they asked and waited for the last 3-4 years. I understand that this must be motivated by financial reasons, but painting a rock red won't make it a ruby. I have no other comments.

  • Friday Update Update! 5.25.18

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    The replicator's gambit machinist meme dream is still an option with Lazgar out of the picture. #set1meta4ever Unbanning Lazgar with the release of immortal gauntlet would be hilariously bad.

  • Siege Currency Update

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    The memes are great. It's like smiling while crying a little inside. FeelsHexman

  • Quote from Utremeld: “Quote from Ossuary: “Dear mods, please delete the problem posts in this thread rather than locking the entire thing. We were actually having (marginally) civil discourse until about 4 hours ago. ” Just delete the 2011 meme face please, I don't want to look at it. I will forego my usual stance on not deleting things because it is a truly terrible post. ” Twitch LUL face is the true real troll face.

  • Dudes, please stop fighting though. I think most of the messages of the thread went through : people said what they like or don't about siege, and what their expectations are or remain regarding the future of the game. The rest is just name calling left and right now. Any mod ? Dino ?

  • I have no interest for siege. But I feel now that it's out, they might as well work on it and polish it for it to be good enough to be played for those that like this kind of gameplay. They won't throw it to the garbage can now anyway. Might a well make it as good as they can. I just hope that when said polish is done, they can focus on something else. Something more eagerly awaited by a very vocal part of the community for some time now. Because despite all the waiting, I know that if Hexent do…

  • I'm kind of a Hex break right now. My primary Hex pleasure is playing tons of evos, and Doombringer as a set was really average from a evo player stand point. I look at the cosmic coins and merry melee as a good thing. Siege in my opinion was and still is a big waste of time and resources but it's just my point of view. I still intend to play my share of evos of every pvp set that comes out. But really until multiplayer/EDH is in the game, or god forbid, another AZ, I won't be as positive as I o…

  • Nice to see you're resurrecting.

  • The Spider is dying...

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    But... but... Who will speak of big throbbing cocks in Hex context now ? It's an unending sadness to witness , year after year, so many of my favourite streamers slowly taking their distances with the game, one by one. It's worrying, because whatever you can say, streamers are kind of the live blood of this community, they are a vector of hype, discussion, they create emulation and debates. From the very beginning, Twitch has been the place where Hexers regroup casually and discuss cards, tourna…