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  • Catering to the casual? It is a pipe dream to have a TCG let alone a CCG other than Hearthstone do that. Casuals overall don't spend enough and the whales aren't coming for casual. Your only got to get games like Slay the Spire and such that are 15-20 a pop, not a full fledged gaming card game experience. To many have tried and failed recently. And you can very well play non-competitive stuff on Arena, if you want too. I don't play any top tier deck and have fun and can rattle of some wins in a …

  • MTGA is not going to be taken down. It is by far the only digital card game anyone needs. If they add commander to the game at some point they will hook line and sinker everyone. The game is basically free to play unless you choose not too and support it. If they go the route of making older sets and put in Modern then your opening the game up to a larger playerbase as well. The only option HEX had to survive was basically launch it as a PVE only game with campaigns and do some cool stuff with t…

  • It isn't a grey area, and the "drop the hammer" mentality is why a lot of us have given up. I'd say a lot of games have went out of their way to be informative, but a ton still have just dropped the hammer, we are closing, sucks to be you. HEX will do that too.

  • Quote from Vroengard: “Quote from Swigmonkey: “Some of you are laughable. Seriously. I put 100 bucks and played a game for 5 years and got screwed. Seriously? How many times have you overpaid for food out to eat? How many times did you get burned on a game before Steam? Most of all, I hope none of you ever have kids, because they are the biggest spenders of junk known to exist. ” Your post is laughable. I put ~1,300 euro and played a game for 5 years. Others have put over 5,000 and we do have a …

  • Some of you are laughable. Seriously. I put 100 bucks and played a game for 5 years and got screwed. Seriously? How many times have you overpaid for food out to eat? How many times did you get burned on a game before Steam? Most of all, I hope none of you ever have kids, because they are the biggest spenders of junk known to exist.

  • Quote from Vroengard: “Quote from Swigmonkey: “HEX is by any standard, a bad game enjoyed by a niche community ” Opinion discarded. Hex (The Game) is just as good if not better than MTG and there are millions playing or wanting to play MTG and can't due to money/time constraints. ” So where are they? They sure never came to this game. It isn't an opinion. Oh that is right, the millions of MTG players most of them play at a table with friends not using things set in stone. They play with gold bor…

  • Quote from Aiyers: “The main difference is the aforementioned games were bad games. Hex is not. All we need is a HXE representative to come talk with us and let us in on the short and long term plans. The game itself is not a bad game. When we started, the weekly updates were actually weekly updates with substance that led to hype and excitement and all we have now is another boilerplate message about clash/bash. ” I hate to break it to you, but HEX never topped enough players to be a blip on th…

  • PvE Dead?

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    Quote from Darklight: “Well in this game, Sleeves and Battle boards are 'skins'. They could also sell alternate character portraits in PvE. So saying it's hard to sell skins when the chase items for many events are skins, seems a bit unconvincing. I'd even pay Plat for 'Challenge books' for each race or class. Imagine PvE goals based around decided design and play. 'Complete 30 fights where the majority of your deck is Artifacts' for Dwarves, as an example. When the books are complete you unlock…

  • How far is AZ3 coming?

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    Quote from Goliathus: “Eternal Seeker? ” I see what you did!

  • Steam numbers dont count!

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    Quote from Metronomy: “It doesnt even matter who is to blame. Did the piranha encounter cause a lot of negative steam reviews? Yes. Was that easily avoidable and unnecessary? Yes. Thats all you need to know really. The developer/manufacturer acts according to his players/customers. Not the other way around. ” This. HEXent has many times done exactly the opposite of what players would want and expect. Today's patch was a prime example of making a format better and then instead of doing the only s…

  • Whatevs.

  • Seriously. Keep Dingleton in this week and I will play at least 1k platinum worth of entries. Sell me access to the mode too and I'll buy that for without a thought for 1k-2.5k platinum. Like give a tiny shit please.

  • Quote from schild: “Wait Dingleton rotates today and isn't free? You idiots. You fools. ” Yep. I was expecting some kind of intelligent happenings today. (Like dingleton rotating in...) instead it rotates out? Are you fucking serious? No wonder this game isn't worth investing in either money or my time anymore.

  • Quote from schild: “the teaser article has me excited ” I'm not sure I buy that. Quote from Eraia: “"Merry Melee now costs 125 platinum to enter and runs to 3 wins or 2 losses" ” Hasn't Merry Melee already worn out its welcome. I haven't played in weeks. I'd play Corinth if it was free or a buy in for access, but not anymore. Heck, I'd do a buyin for most modes to be honest.

  • Dino Watch

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    Quote from Goliathus: “Dude is Head of Publishing of Hex and I have not seen much publishing. I am skeptical of this savior. ” I wonder if his title is in the works. He hasn't came here and made any formal announcement, nor has any part of HEX be said to be published by them yet. It my be him just letting people know, since that is the only thing people can figure out HEX can survive is to get on the back of another publisher. I am not anymore optimistic until I hear an official announcement on …

  • I honestly am impressed with the ideas this community keeps offering for years and HEX's decision that indie/small studio doesn't give a crap. I've bought a ton of early access/KS and guess what? They all take feedback. They all change. This game offers ZERO cosmetics other than a Battleboard(10) and Premium decks(20). It would of behooved you to make AA champions from the get go, because people like to be different. AA shards should of been the first thing implemented and rotated with price tag…

  • Quote from Mach: “ MtG stopped doing small sets because they realized they were bad for Limited. Unless they can come up with some solution for this problem which not even WotC was able to solve, it would be foolish to go to 150 card sets. ” Are MTG players beating down the door playing HEX? Some of the best drafts I did were with Force of Will and those sets are ~100 cards. This game needs a total revamp in any thing remotely "competitive" because it has been total bust at this point. I'm perso…

  • A point of view

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    Quote from Opalia: “ Art for first HEX set costed more than one mill $ Cory told this in the pree alpha interview too. ” That isn't even remotely believable. Art is one of the cheapest things you can find. I find it hard to believe they paid over 1k per art piece. ( I think the math would but it at nearly 2k, MTG doesn't pay that well - 400-600 avg, and ~1200 for more established names) If they paid more than 400-500 each piece they threw money away.

  • Story means shit when all the flavor text is bad puns.

  • Quote from Pandaemonium: “Quote from Swigmonkey: “Quote from Eraia: “Hex shouldn't be communicating to placate me, you, Nico or Vroengard - although that might be a side effect of it. They should be communicating to put their best foot forward to every reader, to every new potential player, etc. They should be communicating so that every person with a vested interest in the game has a strong image of a developer who knows what they're doing and is proud to talk about it. Cory used to project tha…