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  • S9 Draft Meta

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    Had to look at the card spoiler to remember what that set contained. Set was/is really good to pick any color combination, my favourites where diamond/wild, ruby/blood and blood/sapphire. Least favourite combinations were ruby/sapphire and diamond/blood. Can't tell you much more, would have to play some draft to get the memory jogging.

  • I really miss Hex, every other ccg/tcg just feels underwhelming. With that said if something starts moving again (in form of PVP under the "Hex 2" moniker) I'll probably jump the train again and see where it goes.

  • We got an E-mail at the end of the week, so I expect they will start paying the money out next week.

  • Well well, I just saw that e-mail and almost got a heart attack

  • Overdue Tournament Prizes

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    Bump for fun.

  • Quote from CoSVII: “I’m thinking ... “Soon” TM ... but I don’t think actual communication will happen from this DEV Team even when server plugs are pulled. ” One can still hope that dollars will magically appear on oneself's paypal account xD

  • Returning player questions

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    @Dinotropia help the struggling fellow if you can

  • The dying HEX

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    Dino just posted on a forum to answer some new player a deck question. THEY ARE ALIVE.

  • Damn it, I just completely forgot to celebrate my one year anniversary of unpaid tournament prize; it was a month ago. Now I'm depressed.

  • I hopped onto gwent, didn't even realize they redesigned the whole game for release and now it is one of my favourites. Really low on RNG and they are really generous with rewards, first deck can be finished in a few hoursif you know specifically what you want to build. MTGA just becomes dull after some period. I definitely need some kind of tournaments in that game (at least one monthly) so I can get hyped for something.

  • Actually

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    Quote from Metronomy: “I wasnt aware HexEnt is actually doing another project. I assumed they were just finished altogether. Maybe they can pay me the 250 bucks prize money then I am still to receive. Even if you count it all up the outstanding prize money is assumed the prize money is like 3k. If I was Cory I would make sure to find a way to pay my players. And then shut the game down. But shutting down and not paying the prizes would be an extra bad look. But maybe Cory just doesn't care anymo…

  • Quote from Artifaction: “Quote from Transience: “Quote from AceBladewing: “Quote from Vroengard: “MTG:A is a huge success and no other game can compete with it for reasonable income. You can't make both (1) a great game design-wise with (2) a lively competitive scene and with (3) longevity/future prospects when you absolutely HAVE to be content with minimum money. ” Do you not realize how many claims like this have been made in places where someone else DID compete with something and push it out…

  • Quote from Transience: “Also, 6 colors? Why? ” Why not?

  • payments

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    Not really holding hopes for that.

  • Set 10

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    Quote from [PSN]BuckeyeCity1984: “Quote from AnomalyCobra: “most of us are active here to warn new players about the inevitable closure ofthe servers once their contract with playstation is over ” That almost sounds scripted... So you're telling me that the PS4 contract is the literal sole life support system for this game? ” We can't know for sure, but something like 8-9 months have passed without any information about the game or any kind of content updates. We believe CZE wants to shut the ga…

  • If I trust any gaming company to make a good game, that company is gonna be valve. 90% of their games are great. I'm definitely gonna buy into artifact, at least it gives me 2 drafts to get started with those 20$.

  • There is no other explanation then that the game is on a brink of a shutdown. My best guess is they are keeping it on so they shrub off as much players as they can, especially if they don't plan to pay up prizes (which I think is exactly what they will do).

  • Same here. Almost seven months have passed, so I guess I can say goodbye to that money

  • Quote from Pandaemonium: “The ultimate goal for hex now may be bankruptcy, they just arent there yet. As crazy as that sounds I really dont know what a logical alternative is now. Please hex team, speak up, this may very well be the worst handling of a video game in history. What is sad is so few people care that is not being reported in any gaming outlets, I guess that is good for crypto. ” If they don't pay up prizes I'll try my best to inform as many gaming news site as I possibly can.

  • Please die already. Thanks.