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  • Does Rock Need Bans?

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    While the overwhelming success of candles is worrying, rather than seeing a ban I think I'd rather like to see better hate cards printed. A reprint of lullaby would probably be a good place to start, that card was very good vs candles.

  • Does Rock Need Bans?

    Limestone - - HEX Discussions


    The candle deck received a ton of powerful uncommons, it lost a natural counter card (lullaby) and it's a very simple deck to build and pilot. They also get the hard counter to BD (another obvious deck) in their shards, so all is gravy on that front. The deck will probably be dominating rock for another two weeks at least, though someone may come up with a solution before then (I know I'll be working on something at least).

  • Quote from Utremeld: “Shard grid restrictions just say "Play a Merc" instead of bothering to build a deck prior to level 15, it's not a good system. ” Restriction breeds creativity. It's the reason why lots of veteran players are interested in the rock format.

  • The campaign is a much better place for new players to start. The new FRA is not catered to new players, that's just how it is. As for the A.I. bit, no, you can't. Players get to use any card combination we want, along with equipment. No matter how good an A.I. you make (and Hex arguably has the most sophisticated one on CCG/TCG market), it will be limited in capability. The encounters have to be unfair, or there is no challenge to beating them.

  • 2 Conscript decks finished 3-0, out of 44+. "It is better to keep your mouth closed and let people think you are a fool than to open it and remove all doubt." - Mark Twain

  • Glad to see this still running.

  • While we're at it, being able to set in-game reminders for tournaments would be great. A sort of pre-signup where the client reminds you say 30 minutes before it starts.

  • It's great that a bunch of people who haven't even touched the format are already experts on it, but could we delay the doomsaying until we've had at least 1 of these tournaments?

  • [Set 8] Spoiler and Giveaway

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    Got so distracted I miss p1p1 in my draft. Oh well, was fun. (Hidden Content)

  • While the format has been a lot of fun in immortal, keeping it standard opens the field a lot more. Decks are not gonna be as fast and we don't need to deal with the spellshield gem on conscript (which is all sorts of not fun). Basically, it means control might be sort of playable. Regardless, it should be a lot of fun. I anticipate a lot of furiko combo, mcbombus, goot and conscript in the first few weeks at least. I look forward to seeing the meta evolve.

  • Quote from Wolzarg: “Quote from Limestone: “If I'm gonna force anything it's takahiro. People keep leaving call the grave in packs, so I'll keep taking them. ” I know right call is super duper good? ” People generally concede after I scrounge the death's head rider for the 4th time.

  • If I'm gonna force anything it's takahiro. People keep leaving call the grave in packs, so I'll keep taking them.

  • Quote from Villainy: “Quote from Wolzarg: “Quote from hugeheadliang: “16 vengeance main deck in ICS top 8 lists, which I believe is even higher than any standard event before the ban. With cards like psychotic anarchist, vengeance is even more busted in immortal. ” Honestly that is quite surprising but how many midrange decks were played in the tournament? Since it was free entry there is also a chance a lot of less tuned decks entered which aggro just eats for a snack and that can throw control…

  • If you mean the duel pit decks, they are nowhere close. If you mean the AAA decks, they are more novelty than good decks designed with a budget in mind. I mean real budget decks designed by top tier players (the last 3 were made by Varranis, Jeff Hoogland and Chris VanMeter).

  • I started playing Hex just over a year ago, and as a new player it was daunting and confusing. I had no idea how to construct a good deck, I had no idea what the good cards were or how I should be spending my money. Luckily for me I made friends who helped me at every turn and lead me to the right resources, which turned Hex into an amazing experience. I've had many great experiences in the game since, but I'm not sure anything will ever come close to the joy of discovering and learning the game…

  • This is probably what you want, a list of several budget decks:

  • Quote from Karlsruhe: “I strongly believe that as particularly - mentioned in the above comments - console players (in particular PS4) are a rather different clientel from PC players. Console players are mostly casual players, playing two kinds of games: either story-telling/single player games such as Heavy Rain, Uncharted, GTA which from my point of view are conssole heavy due to their similarity in consumption to 20th century TV watching; or party games/sports games such as PES, SSB, Mario Pa…

  • I decided to expand upon this a little, so I came up with a list that can kill on turn 1 pretty consistently and if that fails, t2 is pretty much guaranteed. We run Puck, Khafra and Clatterclank as mercenaries. Mulligan for a hand with Clarity, always throw back a hand with a creature. At worst you can go down to 2 shards (1 on the draw) while mulling and still kill on t2. The Skarn is there to give Xocoy enough damage to kill Skutt on the draw. Decklist 1x Xocoy 1x Skittering Skarn 3x Crimson C…

  • Ada is only an issue in sealed, in draft she's fine. Pulling data without interpretation is pointless, most players are not drafting, building their decks or playing anywhere near optimally (myself included, I only have a few archetypes figured). The phantoms carry pretty much everything in sealed, she's without a doubt the best there. She's also the easiest to draft a decent deck for (anyone can make a 2-1 Ada deck in draft). Basically, you can almost always make a decent Ada deck and she's bec…

  • The argument for running 4 monks in the sparrow version is that you can discard a spare copy that you draw early, while still drawing it consistently. Ali's version obviously looks to go later and draw more of his deck, so running less combo pieces is more beneficial. Honestly, his version is probably better, if for no other reason that he's a better deckbuilder than me. Mine is really just card selection and combo pieces, then hoping to draw them in the right order.