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  • Quote from Ertzi: “Hiya. Good read. For your information, there is a typo in the title of the last paragraph. "Conslusion" vs. "Conclusion". Maybe you want to edit that out. Welp, I guess I can try a few games of Constructed as well. ” Fixed it and a few other small typos

  • Hey, wrote an article about HEX Standard Constructed. Enjoy! Getting back into Constructed

  • So, round 2, 3 and 4 of the FiveShards-Weekly 101-7171 had bugged matches. Currently waiting to play the finals, but have to leave for a Hockey game so might not get to play for that sweet 10k platinum first price. Reconnects to games also seems like they could be bugged, that could be related to this? Looks like something with the game servers. This bug is really affecting most game modes. Tagging @HEXCoryJones and @Dinotropia for visibility.

  • BabyBananaDaocs round 2 has the session id: T10831017171M1853016 Lovelains round 2 has the session id: T10831017171M1853017 There is a game 2 in the replay for Lovelain but when you try to download it gets stuck on 0.0%. I've seen the same thing when my ladder games and Immortal Gauntlet games have been bugged.

  • Same thing here with Constructed ladder. Also seen it in Immortal Gauntlet. By checking the replay, I got an session id of T18446744073709520598M18446744073709520595. I can only see game one this time, so looks like game 2 didn't fire. After restarting the client I got the "game started" horn sound, but nothing happened.

  • Quote from CoSVII: “I agree with the immortal modification... please let me play JankBot again!!! ” B/W JankBot or D/S/W JankBot? Maybe both XD

  • I've thought a bit about what I would like to see with HEX. The first suggestion is just a wish (and could earn a bit of money if it's easy to implement), the other are to get players to be able to play more. I think that most of this is a "cheap" solution to get some new cards while getting more tournaments going. Release the remaining Remnants I know that there isn't enough money to release a new set, but what about releasing a small set LCG style? The last 5 remnants and maybe one prismatic c…

  • Immortal is fun, but the tournament feels kinda meh for 300p. I will probably play in it, but I don't think it will get that many players. I was hoping for some new AA:s instead of the same ones, as well as a decrease in entry fee (look at how much more Fight Night is played compared to Singles Night).

  • Monday Night Gaming!

    Skaro - - HEX Discussions


    Quote from Wolzarg: “Quote from HEXCoryJones: “we can start earlier some weeks for surelike 2 so 5 on the east coast ” This makes me very happy as a european that really wanted to play with you guys. ” I second this. Although with central Europe being 9 hours ahead of PDT/PST it might still not be a good time for most Europeans to start at 11PM.

  • Quote from Chrome: “Quote from Skaro: “Yeah, the prices are a disappointment. And I think that the new price structure was one of the reasons we only saw 12 players last time. I have not received my complete set pack from HexPrimal for winning the tournament last weekend, and not a single word from them about it. ” Apologies for the delay, we've been busy and forgot about this (has to be manually sent). Your Set pack has just been sent. ” @Chrome, I can confirm that I received a full set pack, b…

  • Yeah, the prices are a disappointment. And I think that the new price structure was one of the reasons we only saw 12 players last time. I have not received my complete set pack from HexPrimal for winning the tournament last weekend, and not a single word from them about it.

  • My favorite Immortal card has to be High Infinitrix. When Shift was released it wasn't really that pushed, except for this card. Paired with either Rune Ear Hierophant or Lixil the Deathless Gem it gave you the ability to build a Voltron-style finisher. If they somehow managed to kill your big Rune Ear, Rutherford Banks brought it back.

  • Quote from Wolzarg: “This favors me so I'm in favor of this suggestion ” This kinda favors everyone (except for HexEnt if they need to have someone working during the tournament).

  • Weekly Immortal Stream

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    It's that time of the week again, Immortal weekly! Stream is live before the weekly starts. I don't know what deck I'll play tonight, if you have any suggestions let me know

  • Siege - Listing of 60 shard decks

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    This us just horrible.. people exploiting a system to get a few cosmetics. I'm sad to say I've been a small part of this, finding a siege by accident and conceding three times after reading the message before the first match before I won netting me 50 sacks. After thinking about it a while, this diminishes players doing Siege the legitimate way. I'm up to about 4300 Siege Sacks (50 of them illegitimate), and I'm going to be a proud owner of the battle board from playing Siege as intended. What t…

  • Weekly Immortal Stream

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    No stream today. Going to play miniature golf with work tonight. Back next week for more Immortal

  • Quote from xbete: “Quote from Skaro: “I want to see a Rock and Immortal queue that count towards ladder progression and cosmic coins. That would give players some incentive to play other formats than Standard and let the players play the format they want for the same kind of progression. ” The reason I was thinking gauntlet instead of regular queue was so that you could see when people were looking to play the more "niche" formats, if indeed they are niche. If you can see people waiting then you…

  • Gauntlets could be something special like Kismet Draft. Imagine an Immortal Gauntlet running for two weeks before the next ICS, as a way to define a metagame. Like xbete said, entry fee is a barrier. I could see a fee for Immortal, but Rock is the perfect new player format. A deck is less than 15$, HEX could sell preconstructed Rock decks for a tiny amount of Platinum to give players a cheap entry point to PvP. Combine this with Fight Night and we have a great cheap experience that would keep mo…

  • Blog post about Immortal

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    I'm had some dead time waiting to play Rock today so I thought I would start a HEX-focused blog. My first post is about why you should try out Immortal. Check it out at

  • I like this very much, gives players a reason to play Siege and Stadard Constructed past cosmic. But please HEX, give us some Cosmic Coin value for playing Immortal/Rock. Make the immortal queue ranked and create a new ranked Rock queue using the same ladder as Standard Constructed, making all three major constructed format eligible for Cosmic Coins Rock is a great gateway to the more expensive Standard Constructed, and a ranked ladder would be the perfect way for a new player to dip their toes …