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    When that happens is the day I stop playing this for good. The market would crash faster than the Big Rigs truck would leave our solar system at top speed which would remove the only mean to play this game for free/for a reasonable cost.

  • No, it should NEVER be on by default. Having auto pass on is the clearest tell you can give to your opponent that you do not have any counters and/or combat tricks. That is a tell I never want to give away ever. I always take some seconds each time opponent passes priority to avoid giving away free tells. It should be more highlighted that it exists though so that new players actually use it when they should (for example when they are all out of mana and activations).

  • Personally I feel like they should try to avoid deck construction in MM as due to the nature of the format it becomes very casual unfriendly as it is pretty worthless to buy cards for a deck that will only be valid for one week meaning that anyone with a large collection will be so heavily favored it is no idea for anyone without a large collection to join, hence why I am passing this week. EDIT: I am not opposed to Wild West format in general, but I believe it should be a permanent addition rat…

  • I have been thinking and thinking some more, and I figured out a great MM format that could really help to push what I personally feel that MM could and should be, a great place for new players, casual players, and veterans alike to enjoy wacky formats with one another in a wonderful environment that encourages winning, but is not heavy enough on the wallet to make losses hurt significantly. The format is supposed to work like "Who's the boss" but with standard decks, there is one catch however.…

  • Quote from DutchM: “This is exactly what the mulligan phase is for lol. It's almost impossible to consistently draw what card types you need (unless you run alot of fateweave, of course), and that has nothing to do with rng, it just has to do with how card games work in general. I usually avoid this by either making a slightly resource heavy deck and mulliganing for non-resource cards, or vice versa. ” I have to defend TC here despite disagreeing with topics like these without data proving your …

  • Quote from Wolzarg: “Out of surgery hope everyone is having a fine Friday. ” Get well!

  • Quote from Zophie: “Quote from Lunavi: “I thought this was what people had been asking for? ” They were asking for something more like this. What we're getting is in that general direction, but not really. ” Ahh, well I highly doubt that would be done as HXE really does not like adding PvE stuff to PvP for reasons I can fully respect, which are not only PS4 related.

  • Quote from Mattmanhex: “3 cost is right for this I think. But 2/3 seems odd for something you want to stick around. 3 cost 2/4 or 3 cost 1/4 would be infinitely more playable in my opinion. With the available options, 2/3 for 3 seems like the best by far ” It HAS to be prone to limited removals in case it is that cheap, otherwise it is a straight out game ender as the opponent drowns in card disadvantage, unless ofc it was made legendary in which case it is seen rarely enough to not be too disru…

  • I thought this was what people had been asking for? An inconsistent singleton format in which they can use a broader part of their collection and that the only reason people did not already play it was because it was difficult to find people playing it. Sorry if I misunderstood.

  • Ok, now when I have written my BabyRage post about Merry Melee being unplayable unless you have a gigantic collection (I really really hoped until the bitter end that would not be the case) and the fact that I even doubt that even If you play 5 shards there are enough tutors to have the format even remotely fun to build a deck for. Everything else was sweet! I am so a fan of the prize support for the Immortal Queue. Hopefully this means more boosters in the system. I know and accept that Dinglet…

  • Welp, first one I am not going to play as I don’t own all cards ever printed....

  • 5 cost, because anything less for these kinds of effects usually feels way too pushed from my experience.

  • You got some great material to study up on to make your case, going only by your own feelings is nothing short of heresy when it comes to statistics as we tend to only remember the extreme outcomes and that is what keeps casinos and con artists fooling people over and over again. Mystery raises some really solid points to be honest when they said they have nothing out of someone winning over another, and for Hex to risk their name on scamming in PvE which both generates next to no value and is s…

  • Ikr. Personally when I post equipments I try to never go above Hex Primal's prices translated to platinum in 1 cent = 1 plat-, but at the same time I do understand people wanting to post them for extremely high prices due to the extreme inconvenience involved in the process of posting equipments on the auction house. Even I have stopped posting equipments each time I repost on auction house at this point.

  • I have one question, if I bury Pappi and get him to my side of the field, does that still count as a "victory" and me getting the Pappi badge?

  • Quote from GryphonGardens: “@Dekroma: Okay then. I think i was trigerred by the AH mention, while upgrade would be nice, we are in more serious troubles than some inefficiences in the market and in the deckbuilder. ” Auction House upgrade is very much needed to be honest. Posting 100+ equips is like the tenth circle of hell because of how inefficient it is.

  • The mechanic itself is not OP, but some cards with it clearly has no "cost" for momentum on them which makes it ridiculous.

  • My favorite card is not a card that I love because of its playability, but rather how it plays and how it adds to the feel of the troop's role in the world itself. One of the most fantastic things about early Hex card design is how top down it was in all the right ways. The cards were designed with the world in mind to an insane decree with wonderful mechanics such as the spider people who put eggs into the corpses of their victims to hatch reflected in how they fill the opponent's deck with egg…

  • Siege Currency Update

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    Quote from Wolzarg: “Quote from Lunavi: “Siege I can not defend being exclusively a paid format as it directly attacks the purpose it was desired to serve, but MM is actually justified and even in my opinion improved by having this system as it has good rewards for the money spent. The sleeves are definitely worth the 200-300 p each when they come with a couple of boosters as well alone and the formats are fun and not free to develop. I think too many play these formats without finding them fun,…

  • Friday Update Update! 5.25.18

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    Most of the legendaries are very narrow, but great in the decks they are great in. The best example of this is Enter the Dream which is pretty worthless on its own, but which with the equipment becomes an insane powerhouse.