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  • I thought That Which Does Not Exist was created to fill all those gaps. As it is, we have a card that looks like it's going to do something it won't when it's in the hand, and when played, appears to randomly do nothing.

  • I was changing the equipment on my Sekki deck, when I noticed that Certificate of Receipt is a weapon, and "weapon" of choice is a trinket. index.php Was this a typo, or am I supposed to wear my weapon as a piece of jewelry while paper-cutting people to death with a receipt?

  • Turn 1: Sapphire, then Mindcall. Turn 2: Diamond, then discount Hailstorm. Turn 3: (Hidden Content)

  • Quote from Zeph: “I just feel like we have had a lot of the Coyotle, will continue to get a lot of Coyotle in the future and that chaos touched sleeves will be incredibly rare. ” Seconded. The current ladder reward is a Coyotle. The art on Coyotle cards tends to be gorgeous, and I love the idea of an animated shooting star, but two Coyotle back to back is a bit much. Also, the only Chaostouched sleeve in the entire game right now is Eldritch Dreamer, a producer tier kickstarter reward. I'm reall…

  • With the current factions, it kind of looked like diamond would be underrepresented, until I realized: What if The Cult of the Nameless City isn't blood/sapphire as we expected? I know that "bury" decks are B/S, Chaostouched decks are B/S, and The Cult appear to be mind-destroying chaostouched, but what if The Cult is actually part diamond? We see the impossible man killing people and picking their brains, which sounds bloody and chaostouched to me, but then he puts the information from their br…

  • Forgive me for breaking my NDA, but here's a leak of the first ever Alternate-Alternate-Art card, coming this summer. (Hidden Content)

  • The Scars of War spoiler said that "Alliances form and break," but all we've seen of this so far is the Silver Talon joining the Ardent. What they're probably referring to is that some outside force will threaten to destroy all of Entrath, and all the playable races will have to put aside their differences to fight it off. That would be the safest and most predictable route for the story to take. If the Underworld Alliance wins the war, it will immediately tear itself apart fighting over the new…

  • The nerf to Dread Transport may have stopped it from doing infinite combos in standard, but it can still create infinite combos in Immortal with Hideous Conversion. Play a free Dread Transport. Pay 1 resource for 2 Dreadlings. Play it for free again. Sacrifice 1 Dreadling to create 2 more dreadlings. That's a lot of "spider enters play," "artifact enters play," and "dies" triggers.