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  • Given the slow/zero development state of Hex, it seems to me they could be doing a lot more to keep the game alive with minimal investment. They have enough sets to have a two or three year ongoing rotation loop, and they have enough seasonal events likewise to have a rotating loop. Seems to me automating rotations would be a pretty low investment, heck you could even just do it by hand every few months.

  • Quote from Vroengard: “Quote from Goliathus: “So, we discussed Artifact in the last thread. What should we discuss here? ” Anyone's got any info on Keyforge? I read some comments praising it. But I haven't had time to really look into it. I don't think it has a digital port, but I read that it will eventually will? And your paper collection will reflect your digital collection (or, rather, vice versa)? ” Quote from Obsidian: “Quote from Vroengard: “Quote from Goliathus: “So, we discussed Artifac…

  • A Look Back (I'm Bummed)

    DunYoss - - HEX Discussions


    I'm not sure why I decided to log in today, but I did. Draft was at 6/8 so I joined and it launched within a few minutes. I built the deck quickly and had two back to back games almost instantly, which was a nice surprise. I'm now sitting for a long time in the 2-0 queue and will probably give up on finding a partner, no surprise since the 2-0 queue has always been slow even in good times. Still, that's much better than I expected based on reading this thread, and the game is still fun. To those…

  • How far is AZ3 coming?

    DunYoss - - HEX Discussions


    Quote from Utremeld: “If Hex is as player friendly as they pretend to be then when it goes under they'll offer up assets or ways for private servers to be made since we Kick-started it, paid for it, etc. But since it's always been lip service I'm sure it'll all just conclude. ” I brought up this exact discussion back in 2013. If the game is really dying (I wouldn't know since I lost faith earlier this year and stopped paying attention), then it's certainly worth asking vigorously for. There are …

  • Quote from Azuchi: “Quote from DunYoss: “I've spent my 100p. I will not be spending any more on this new mode. I want CvC back. ” As long as HexEnt doesn't stupidly gate things behind heavily disfavored modes, not everyone- not even a majority- needs to like a mode.That's especially true for a mode that changes format structure in dramatic ways on a weekly basis. Put another way, we had reasons to log on before MM, and we can still focus on those previous game modes on off-weeks. ” Absolutely tr…

  • I've spent my 100p. I will not be spending any more on this new mode. I want CvC back.

  • Quote from Dinotropia: “Quote from Artic: “Yeah I missed that, next time could you put it in the patch notes or its own post? ” We informed everyone in the original announcement that it would be coming down when we patched new Merry Melee modes in: Quote from HexTCG: “These new modes are just around the corner, but until they launch we have decided not to leave you hanging. We will be bringing the Corinth vs Corinth queues back (starting today at 10am Pacific) until the next Merry Melee format c…

  • Quote from Dinotropia: “We have a bunch of articles detailing our latest improvements in the works. Expect to see more soon. For now, a few names of some new Merry Melee modes can be found here: ” The Merry Melee has been very fun, I'll admit that much. It will never make up for me not having my MMOTCG, though. I guess all those venture capitalists that refused funding to the idea were right after all? I suppose I shouldn't complain, given how much I've profited off…

  • R.I.P. Terrormill

  • Sad that someone in the community was forced to do this work. It should have been in client all along. We certainly asked enough times. To BroomBot, good on you for filling in Hex's weak spot in this area.

  • Playing against Wormoid Queen and her troops aren't exhausting as they surface. They do get the text "Enters Play Exhausted" but do not actually exhaust.

  • Great idea, thanks.

  • The 1-shot ranger power goes away, but I do not receive a shard.

  • I'm running a Necrotic Mage with a focus on stealing the enemy's cards (Relentless Corruption, Journey to Nowhere, Mindsnatch Raven). The shell is basically a Twilight Eclipse deck. I have equipment in all the slots except for Head. Any thoughts on a good card for that slot? I also would like something better in the Feet slot than Gront's Gift.

  • I've played it twice now and it sacrifices itself with no pop up. Seems that Solitary Exile with Axe also does this, just comes back to my hand without asking.

  • Stun Animation Gone?

    DunYoss - - Bugs and Tech Issues


    My UI no longer shows the spinning stars on stunned troops. Intended?

  • What if you as a player could go into PVE and play as the bad guys, earning loot in the process? What if you as a player could face a dungeon controlled by a player instead of an AI? I think it would be awesome! That's the core idea. How specifically to implement it would of course take more detailed planning. The nice thing is that, unlike Raid Bosses, it does not require any new battle systems; just use the existing PVP engine. It would of course require new UI for outside the battles both for…

  • Was in GMG dungeon. I'm not sure which nodes, but it was most likely on the path direct to the boss. I was farming for the halloween event

  • I've had it happen twice now. Both times I am playing as Rifkun mercenary. First time I played Chastise on my betrayed Minotaur and it did nothing. Second time I played it on a Scrapyard Dynamo that came from a Dynamo Whistle, again it did no damage.

  • I actually can't get +1/+1 at all, not even twice.