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  • Picture 1: Player Tom clicked hero power, and found that he should not cast it. Before this version, when pressing esc, he can cancel the using of activity, now he cant.…4219029fb19ec9bec77cd9dcb Picture 2: Player Andy click savage showdown, but he found that he should leave it to nex turn in case there is a more valuable troop. But he can not cancel his card , whether by press concel, press right button of mouse, or press his power button of computer. forums.hextc…

  • Quote from JeffHoogland: “Quote from PivotCY: “Massacre will be a bit conflict over Hailstorm, and also there are only 10 fateweave cards in this deck, so Hailstrom is not necessary in this deck , I suppose. ” You can fateweave on demand with Rectory. Basically make as many hawks as you want for 3 resources per. ” yes true, that's sweet synergy, didnot realize that.

  • Massacre will be a bit conflict over Hailstorm, and also there are only 10 fateweave cards in this deck, so Hailstrom is not necessary in this deck , I suppose.

  • I rarely played frost since set 4, but Just now when I use a standard deck of last set trying run into it to get some fun, and I found a lot, I got 3 lose in 4 battles and get poorly 60 GOLD. Will never go into frost arena again.

  • And also,If I was hesitating a while for to board in or not a card, I can not click "save", for if I do, sideboard will be finished, and if not the timer is not right and people will be afraid of being interrupted suddenly.That means you can not play around this bug even you know it, making people in dilemma sometimes.

  • The timer ends when still has 25 seconds left, and I was stopped unexpected so that all sideboard plans will be ruined. You can not face a well-sideboard opponent when you are not usually. Seems a old bug that has not been fixed.

  • Quote from Funktion: “Yeah it sounds like this is more than likely a time stamping issue. The description of the board states and events that led to them isn't entirely clear; however, neither are the rules revolving the time stamps. I don't doubt that they're consistent (read: working as intended) it just that the whole process is not very clear from the user end. Could probably use some clarity at some point though this is something that will always be very hard to communicate to players. It i…

  • Quote from Shinshire: “Scars of War Rules and Mechanics Q&A hmm, reread your message. what was your table besides 2 banners? ” then, How to use this theory explain the first case: that is, my opponent has a Dark Heart, I have a dread banner, and my turn I can sac my dreadling created. Secondly I am quite sure of the board two Dark Heart of my opponent, two dreadbanners on my side, no others ,but It resolve I should sac a banner and lose that game.

  • IN this case: I am champion zorath and have a dread banner, opponent is SD control, and have one Dark Heart on board , no other cards on board. On my turn ,the trigger order is first I create a dread and sacrifice. but when the case come to this: Two DH and Two Dread banner, other same On my turn, the trigger order is first I create a dread, then sacrifice twice, then I should sac a banner. Why they are not same. Can anyone explain that?