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  • Happy 5th Birthday!

  • Detox Bot

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    Actually, Detox bot REVERTS toxins. The toxins made by Cloaked Figure are new cards, not transformed cards from your deck. The final fight of Devonshire Keep is where toxins are transformed cards in your hand. Try that fight and find out if the Detox Bot is working or not.

  • Uncanny Performer (FRA reward card) does NOT count as an elf. Tested with the following: Feralroot Archdruid chest equip (Does not gain 4 health) Ageless Troubadour (does not count for temporary resource gain) Ashwood Blademaster (Does not get swiftstrike from gloves equipment or the +1 attack for the built in ability)

  • No worries. Got mine, and your original post said within 24 hours of release

  • Name: Iconoclasm Cost: 2 Threshold: 1 Ruby 1 Sapphire Art: Rarity: Rare type: Constant effect: (3), discard a card-> create two random cards of the same shards as the dicarded card and put them into your hand Flavor: The sisters of suffering everything you once held dear"

  • Those are some great decks! Grats to the winners! Thanks for the interesting ideas going forward. Huge shout out and thanks to Kami for running these bounties!

  • Class: Mage Talents: Tier 1 - Unlock: Spell Sprites - Spry - Affinity: Mages Tier 2 - Open Mind - Secret Knowledge - Self Knowledge Tier 3 - SP Boon - SP Buff - Learn Spell: Magic Barrier Tier 4 - Eye of Chaos - Wizard's Cap Decklist: 60 Cards total Resources: 22 - 10 Ruby Shards - 10 Wild Shards - 1 Ruby Ice - 1 Wild Ice Troops: 27 - 4 Artisanal Sommelier - 4 Flamespitter - 4 Ageless Troubadour (Weapon) - 4 Feralroot Archdruid (Chest) - 3 Verdant Mixologist (Gloves) - 1 Periwinkle - 3 Artisanal…

  • Class: Cleric Talents: Tier 1 - Enhance Blessing: Life Essence - Hale - Affinity: Cleric Tier 2 - Enhance Blessing: Empowerment - Aura Aspect: Good Karma - Healing Aura - Unlock: Divine Altar Tier 3 - Discipline of the Mind - Child of the Right Hand - Blessed Birth Tier 4 - Armed Against the Darkness Decklist: 60 Total Resources: 23 Total - 10 Ruby Shard - 11 Wild Shard - 1 Ruby Ice - 1 Wild Ice Troops: 34 Total - 4 Pupil of Creation (Trinket) - 4 Artisanal Sommelier - 4 Nerissa - 3 Wild Child (…

  • Class: Warrior Talents: Tier 1 - Fury - Affinity: Warriors - Warlord: Agility - Training: Combat Tier 2 - Warlord: Parrying - Unlock: Warlord War Machine - Warlord: Concussive Strike - Reinforcements - Training: Deployment Tier 3 - Deep Pockets - War Preparations - Training: Tactics - Enhanced Training Regimen Decklist: 60 cards total Resources: 24 total - 11 Wild Shards - 11 Ruby Shards - 1 Ruby Ice - 1 Wild Ice Troops: 30 total - 4 Pupil of Creation (Trinket equip) - 4 Artisanal Sommelier - 4 …

  • Read the lore on Vile Squirmhound.

  • Class: Ranger Talents: Tier 1 - Unlock: Great Spore Beast - Ranged Expertise: Overwatch Tier 2 - Affinity: Beasts - Lay of the Land - Ranged Expertise: Scattershot - Eye of a Sniper Tier 3 - Hazardous Terrain - Unlock: Flamebreath Wolverines - Every Piece of the Animal - Barrier Vines Tier 4 - Survival Skills (Both of them) - Affinity: Plants Decklist: 60 cards total Resources: 22 total - 22 Wild Shards Troops: 32 total - 3 Bramble Creeper (Feet Equip) - 4 Briarpatch Conjurer (Trinket Equip) - 4…

  • RNG Discussion Thread

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    I like randomness. I suffer to it more then I benefit from it. Them's the breaks. I suppose the question becomes (regardless of whether you like the randomness or not): How do we balance this? Counter play seems the best response. To be fair there are a number of counters in HEX to deal with randomness. Conscript has gotten a lot of attention on here. Yes, it is harder to deal with certain troops when they get modifiers (Speed, Flight, +2/+2, etc) when conscripted. But those troops were already …

  • This is a fun and interesting thread! I've been playing a ton of different themed decks. Mercs make that more plausible/interesting/fun. As others have said, certain themes archetypes are more easily used than others, especially since a number of them are locked behind paywalls (Expensive cards/mercs/equipment). I get why they are, it can make things difficult to try/test/play though. There are a ton of viable theme decks out there right now. So many that I'm still trying them out. That said, th…

  • Ship Rules

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    If the battleboards give you trouble, there is an option you can select that sets all boards to the default board. I did that for a while until I upgraded my system. Saved me having to avoid a number of encounters.

  • Yes, the blessing's -1/-1 to opposing undead is limited. The humans have a LOT of good clerics though, so that niche effect isn't as detrimental as it could be. Throw in it's usefulness in a number of fights and it balances out quite well IMO. P.S. @Kami who is Shadowhunter?

  • Class: Cleric Talents: - The Righteous Path - Affinity: Cleric - Hale - Unlock: Divine Altar - Fortitude - Aura Aspect: Animation - Healing Aura - Aura Aspect: Good Karma - Blessed Birth - Unlock: Shrine of Briggadon - Premonitions Decklist: Resources: 23 Total - 4 Diamond Ice - 1 Sapphire Ice - 10 Diamond Shards - 8 Sapphire Shards Troops: 22 Total - 3 Adamanthian Scriveners - 3 Engrossed Bibliophiles - 3 Initiate of Wax - 4 Righteous Paladin - 3 Chimera Guard Officer - 3 Sister Cynthia (Weapon…

  • Story wise you're pretty much done after the Ruins of Kukatan. Play wise, you have a few nodes left. All told, if you do every dungeon once and almost every node once (I did Wormoid queen instead of teh other paths for the Gnomes, and I repeated the Army of Myth node to get the Spectral Caller, also forgot to do Hexlantis, but got the other sea stuff done), finishing all the quests you should hit level ~12. I few dungeon runs after that should get you to the level 15 cap. Really looking forward …

  • Shards of Entrath Entrath's Alchemy Entrath's Arena Regulars Shard Hunters Clever Name Fun United Casual Player Ready Dingler Crossing Guards Avatars of Fun Ardent Underworld Alliance Chroniclers of Entrath Sages of Entrath The Bazaar Chump Blockers HEX Meta Deploy/Escalate/Diligence: Fun Shroom Kin Funny Name Entrath Adventure Group Experience Boosters Meta Breakers The Eternals Artifacts of Power OP Dunthorpe's Lackeys NOTE: I didn't read through all the name suggestions before submitting.

  • Class: Cleric Talents: - Hale (+3 Champion health) - Healing Aura ((Artifact in play that gives +1 champ health when you play a resource) - Blessed Birth (4 Blessings start in deck) - Premonitions (At the start of the game you are shown 3 random cards from your deck, you may place one on top of your deck) - Affinity: Cleric (Clerics that start in your deck get lifedrain) - Divine Altar (2 cost Divine Altar artifact starts in your deck, copies blessings and clerics you play) - Righteous Path (Mon…

  • Not a bug. Now if she stole a second spider and managed to keep both, then it would be a bug.