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  • Thank you all for the comments! For this first lore siege, I'll be compensating anyone for their first loss at the base rate it costs to challenge the deck. So, if you lost against this deck, please post here or leave a comment on the video with your in game name and I'll send you the 80 platinum you spent. This will be a once per person offer and only up to 80 platinum. My plan is to use this first video to try to figure out where I should tune the decks to make them slightly challenging, but n…

  • You are exactly right... with all the removal the FRA has it can be very difficult to satisfy the three troop requirement! It's an interesting deck building mechanic that could work in certain situations though... maybe a diamond/sapphire weenies type set up. As far as my preferences though, I'll choose to remain monoganonymous.

  • The great Pie Knight brings the pie that's right to every pie fight

  • Quote from Vroengard: “ EDIT: I just read the equipment for Palm of Granite and I still have trouble with Shards of Fate. They could be any combination of Sapphire and Wild shards. My main gripe is that they are slow. Deck already has 12 slow shards and also 14 sources of Sapphire threshold. ” Apologies for the confusion - the Shards of Fate are not in the deck and the article is now updated to reflect this. That was an error in the decklist I submitted.

  • Thank you very much for the comments! I'm looking forward to releasing the next video and make sure you post if you have a lore topic on which you'd like to see a future video!

  • Hello and thank you for the comments! @Mejis - I'm certain there will be theme decks that don't break the budget, but many of the faction leaders or key lore cards are legendaries. Part of the fun of this series will be showing off those cards that people might not have and introducing them to that lore. You are correct that Nico does a fantastic job breaking down cost on his excellent series, which takes the pressure off me to provide more of that same information and just focus on telling a st…

  • Thank you. I appreciate you taking the time to rekindle the hope!

  • Quote from Blackwood: “In the end, for me, it's just a matter of simply falling off; I don't imagine myself going through the rigamarole to sell off my collection, but I'm already at the cusp of uninstalling and just moving on--and this is after having fairly religiously checked the website every weekday around regularly scheduled update time for years. Set 7 was the first time I've gone light on purchasing packs and I didn't even stick with FRA 2.0 long enough to collect play-sets of the new PV…