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  • I was planning on putting together a lil tunnel deck for fun and I picked up a few Fissuresmiths only to find that when I tried to use them they wouldn't do the most important part of the card, nothing happens at all after it surfaces. I've tested this a few times already with no luck. First image: I tunnel Fissuresmith zfP3XjC.jpg Second image: Fissuresmith triggers and surfaces, no destruction of a random attacking troop. jriLQ8o.jpg Glad to hear it was fixed thanks for the quick work

  • The short of it is that the howling brave feet equipment: prairie runners, isn't readying the howling brave when you play a wild prismatic troop. I don't have any screen shots of this.

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    Quote from Grakor: “First post, just commenting here with my own experiences with budget Terrormill post-nerf, and seeing if it can be salvaged. What I've noticed so far: Opponents that are immune to deck-outs (Cheesesmythe and Archon) are significantly more difficult, since without SoR and the old Tunic, I have significantly weaker troop presence. Similarly, I find myself losing a lot more frequently against elite opponents and ones with fast ramping troops. The new Terror-Tined Tunic is basica…

  • To be honest with you, I was able to brute force the ghast with a hodgepodge shinhare deck with warrior character, coyote and vennen ranger are capable of demolishing it. My coyote ranger was my first that demolished all of those fights. build pet heavy.

  • Happy Weekend, With the recent changes to Terror mill and the dream spider I looked into making a new deck to grind out some rare items from FRA. I'm sure a few decks similar to this have popped up and that's not surprising. This is a pretty budget deck I think. On my first run through FRA I manage to win all but one match, I demolished archon though which was a pleasant surprise. Either way let's get this listed, lowest cost to highest. My deck was a total of 64 cards because of some added card…