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  • Quote from VicMan: “Quote from Eraia: “No, a really archaic, outdated, and customer-unfriendly communication policy is why they don't respond. ” I would like to have some exemple of the opposite.Because I find Hex to be pretty customer-Friendly and respond a lot ” Grinding Gear Games (developpers for Path of Exile) are honestly great at communication. They're also pretty good at answering to players' feedback and concerns. Even when they do something players disagree with (regarding game balance…

  • Well the first thing is that I don't see a Hierophant. On top of being one of the best cards in the game, it can use the Major Orb of Cultivation which you most likely want in a Horrors deck so that you can immediately use your advantage after casting Horrors.

  • Ah nice thank you, that worked perfectly. Just a heads-up, I think you've got some of the descriptions mixed up : Courage is from healing and Power is from dealing damage to the enemy champion. Also am I blind or does the game not tell you which counters you have ? (just like I can't seem to be able to find the info about Room Counters for Crushing Walls or suction counters for Charybdis)

  • I wouldn't go as far as saying it's fraud, but it certainly doesn't give me any confidence or goodwill towards HxE.

  • Hm, anyone got some budget Spirit of the Triumvirate deck ? I don't really feel like buying rares I won't use like Replicator's Gambit just to play the one that's currently listed. :p

  • No, it's not up yet. I could already get Inkheart Infuser yesterday actually, maybe it's bugged. But the Limited tournaments are still using a mix of sets 5 and 6 right now.

  • Hello, Since the patch the in-game UI feels very unresponsive, as in sometimes when I click on a card nothing happens. I have to click up to 4-5 times on a given card to play it. I have confirmed with a few other players that the same is happening to them, so it's not on my end, from my mouse or anything like that especially since it only happens during Hex games. Rest of the menus are working perfectly fine, but playing cards is kind of a struggle which is a bit frustrating, and also heavily in…

  • Having the third pack being Herofall is fine for me, but yeah the ninja-changing of the entry fee feels pretty scummy. If they're concerned about unwanted primal procs, they should fix it instead of doing that kind of undocumented change.

  • Account level tracking

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    Level 49 : two commons, one uncommon.

  • Quote from Colin: “Quote from Wendek: “It's 2 hours if "everything goes well". Going by the recent "migration patch", I think some skepticism about those ETAs is not completely out of place. ” This is a normal patch cycle. The transition downtime was complicated by needing 2 different patchers, additional code for the transition warning message and transition, and tech related to the new intro. You can be skeptical if you want, but I'd put money on the servers being up early. Also, this is Chris…

  • It's 2 hours if "everything goes well". Going by the recent "migration patch", I think some skepticism about those ETAs is not completely out of place.

  • Yeah it's for EU that the announced times suck. 9PM for me if "everything goes according to plan" (even worse for people in the more eastern parts of the continent), with a few hours of delay it would basically mean no playtime at all for Tuesday.

  • Yeah right missed that part, in the article it's already changed and both 0 and 1 wins are identical so I thought that's what people were talking about. My bad I guess, deleted the post.

  • New Set 6 Spoiler Thread

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    Quote from Utremeld: “So many spiders, an oddly large number of spiders added actually. Why so many spiders? ” Is that you Vincent ?

  • New Set 6 Spoiler Thread

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    Quote from Vroengard: “Full spoiler list out. Coins for everyone! ” Wow Relentless Zombie actually looks pretty neat in Limited if you can get at least a few (2 ?) Voracious ones to go with it.

  • So for now I guess the Ruins have become more interesting than the Graveyard as far as farming goes.

  • Quote from Silvanos: “Windshaper Kaliban seems pretty unusable to me now. That is an awful lot of time to wait to maybe get a troop that instantly dies. The other changes all seem appropriate, but I didn't feel like Kaliban was oppressive in limited. Bumping him to 6 would at least let you get your 7 drop out a turn early. For every time my opponent has gotten an Uruunaz from that charge power, I've seen a Kraken that insta-dies. ” Let's not forget that Kaliban also loses some of his best hits l…