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  • No immortal option in our blowout? Kinda lame

  • Quote from Pofflord: “And you actually don't see any problem there? Flooding the AH with cheap cards now and at the same time exporting a then totally broken economy into Hex 2? Please please please, Cory, dont listen to this insanity. Protect collection values (small as they may be now, because of the circumstances of last year) and build up with reasonable changes. ” You're implying that a second version of Hex wouldn't follow the F2P business model of Arena and HS. I'd say given where we're a…

  • It's not for "why the heck not", it's to keep allowing people to play the game. "Why the heck not" would be if the game was flourishing and they offered a deal to get all non standard resources in standard for a considerable discount.

  • Quote from Pofflord: “Please do not further inflate the market with artificially cheap cards. This is a collectible card game, maintaining value of ones collection is important. This game being in a bad spot right now does not mean you should go back on that. ” How much is your collection worth right now, honestly? If no one is able to play the game, your cards are worth zero dollars.

  • Quote from SkipToMyLu: “ReluxTheRelux is still liking every post so that's a good sign ” They are a goddamn treasure and if Hex 2: Electric Boogaloo doesn't have an Exalted Liker card I will super upset.

  • Quote from DJSinus: “have you already checked your real time of that update? when i check my time converter its already over since 5.5 hours now.. or rather that 11am PT was 17.5 hours ago ” I live in the Midwest. I'm 2 hours ahead of California Time (PT). It's currently 11:44 PM here. They have an hour and fifteen minutes before they're behind.

  • Quote from DJSinus: “12 hours? you mean 17.... and probably gonna be even more... from what the info said it should have ended about 5 hours ago.. if it takes like a hour more than expected.. okay, but 5 hours is already a bit messy honestly... ” Post says it's down from 11 AM PT to 11 PM PT. It's only 9:26 PT right now

  • I'm more interested in why a minor update takes 12 hours to implement. Not even Arena takes that long

  • For a moment last week, I got my hopes up and thought "They're paying people! Maybe we'll get some news or closure this Friday" Shame on me, I guess.

  • Quote from Gwaelan: “No way! I played that deck for a very long time and ultimately switched to another one because either people got mad at me when they saw my supposedly boring deck or I got totally stomped by some aggro decks. ” Same thing happened to me! One guy told me I was the reason the game was dead. He inspired me to take screenshots of the salt though and treat it like a high score meter. Maaaan. This almost makes me want to reinstall. Almost.

  • Actually

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    Quote from GryphonGardens: “Google translation is reasonably readable. I still do not understand why to use blockchain though (other then as a buzzword). ” When I looked into another game that used it, the idea was that even if the game went belly up, you still had some value to sell in cryptocurrency. Not sure how true that statement is, as I've never dipped into any of it (Even though I was aware of it when BTC was 60 USD, stupid stupid me) but it seems like a decent way to convince people to …

  • Fight of the Week

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    Quote from Vastus: “Edit: how do I embed the video within the post? ” I just posted the URL to the video in the post and the forum did Magic.

  • Fight of the Week

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    I would like to petition the commissioner to allow for an "entertainment" category. I would also like to submit the baseline for a perfect 10 in this category.

  • Quote from Hidden: “For me the biggest issue is slow play - especially PS4 players. It's brutal sometimes. I get needing two min to handle something mid-match, but taking 30 sec on every pass is stupid. If I finish with 16 min and they finish with less than 2, that's a problem. ” It's not really the PS4 players' faults. I've monkeyed around with the PS4 client and it's kind of a pain to use.

  • Every week I hope the "And More" is something useful. Every week I am disappointed.

  • A Look Back (I'm Bummed)

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    Echoing the sentiment, Hex has consistently been my favorite card game for the past 3(?) years. I'm hoping they turn this around as I'm not sure even Artifact with all it's promises will scratch the same itch.

  • Embracing the Dinobot persona, I see.

  • Nothing. See you all next week.

  • I agree. Back a few sets ago, this kind of stuff would happen and it'd be annoying, but not the end of the world because you could always go to Primal or Battleshopper if you needed to. Now we have PS4 players that only have one avenue to acquiring cards and it's actively hurting the game when these kinds of things happen.

  • But muh investments! Seriously, though, I like this idea. Putting wells in each deck would help keep the cost of immortal manageable.