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  • Current offer is $80. Just thought i would share in case anyone else was interested before its gone

  • If anyone else is interested at all feel free to pm me otherwise im planning on selling the collection by this weekend for around what the current offer is. Thanks everyone for showing interest and i hope everyone that is/was apart of the hex community has a good life :p

  • Obviously i cant sell the couple tickets i have

  •!/cards/co…on=27919&collectible=true that should be the link to the collection, i didnt add all the commons/uncommons. I can take some screenshots of my inventory

  • Is there anyone still interested in buying collections? Dont have kickstarter stuff, but have a good ammount of set 5-9 and also some cards before set 5 that i bought a long time ago for immortal. I know the value of everything is really low and dont expect much but im still curious if there is anyone even interested in buying. If so i can post what i have

  • I've only been playing for 2 weeks now. So I dont know what I can really do for this. One of my favorite things about Hex is the community. Everyone here is so friendly and generous, and theres so many events, giveaways, people giving advice, and people helping any way they can. It just makes the game so much better having such great people. I wish i would of found this game sooner so i could of been one of the people giving stuff away and helping others to grow this game. Thank you everyone apa…