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  • The reason I backed the kickstarter was raids and it's sad that they weren't able to release a version of it in over 7 years. I don't care if it was a single encounter, beta version, slow turns, AI-allies, whatever. Just release *something* - you can always improve on it later. ESTIMATED DELIVERY: Sep 2013 btw

  • Quote from Dinotropia: “Quote from Balthuzad: “Hiya Dino. I posted on steam, but in case it's missed, the press release link goes to a 2015 article at the moment. Anyhow, thanks for the memories. ” The press release link is the correct link. ” Then I agree with Kliphph, it's not very clear. Especially since it includes "We believe that the gaming community will benefit from knowing that Hex: Shards of Fate is no longer subject to litigation.”

  • Hiya Dino. I posted on steam, but in case it's missed, the press release link goes to a 2015 article at the moment. Anyhow, thanks for the memories.

  • Good to hear you haven't given up

  • Quote from SaintVicarious: “Quote from federicorighi: “"By a lie, a man... annihilates his dignity as a man." (Immanuel Kant) ” "Where the hell is Cory?" (Literally everyone in these forums) ” Cory is still active on twitter - (sorry to be creepy, but with the hex situation I'm not sorry that much. please say something about hex.)

  •…th-birthday-hex/&pageNo=1 - Yearly update on June 5. Hope the yearly one is more interesting than the weekly ones.

  • I tried removing my authenticator, it said it was removed, and when I logged back in to the website, it was still added. Luckily I didn't remove it from my phone without testing it or I'd lose access I guess.

  • Aegilus has the shards of fate set icon :o

  • its end of Magic Duels

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    Wow. I thought it was really crappy when Yugioh Online closed down but at least that game lasted almost 7 years. This didn't even last two years. Sucks if you spent money on it. (I spent money on Yugioh Online so I feel your pain.) Also they didn't disable purchases and there's no ingame warnings about it. Shady.

  • Quote from Utremeld: “Quote from HEXCoryJones: “Quote from Utremeld: “My only concern is the name because just 'The Librarian' is awfully generic and once you've done that you can't reuse it, that name real estate is sold and gone. Hex seems to be going through a LOT of prime, simple, card names in its first few sets and I'm a little worried that the space for names is going to get cut down pretty rapidly if the trend stays strong. I don't know if this is a concern for the development team but i…

  • Maybe they'll let us do a FRA raid (with bosses that draw more and have more health or something). That's a small update, right?

  • Quote from Lucifer: “ - Turned on Captcha for registrations (temporarily whilst I get a better solution) this is simply because I started to have a few issues with the idiotic amount of spam/bot accounts. ” Thanks. My actual job got in the way of my spambot-job - they are a bit time-consuming. Some spambot filter hits for a month: huQ2Jhv.png Anyone who runs has a problem registering an account or to get their account upgraded (upgraded means no more CAPTCHAs or needing your edits to be approved…

  • Friday Update! 5.19.17

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    Quote from HEXCoryJones: “Kyle actual laid out the plan just this week. ” Did the plan include wrestling a bear? #neverforget…556&viewfull=1#post208556

  • Is there a way to see the 6-6-5 gauntlet stats but only including games after the latest patch? (since it changed champion balance)

  • Quote from Perandus: “ - already covers the campaign, - already covers the cards, auction house, and some decks, and - and already cover the prices. With all due respect, what can wikis like and do that the game and other fan sites don't already do? ” Personally when I'm new to a game, I sometimes use fan wikis for the core concepts or basic strategies. So if I forgot what a basic actio…

  • Even if there was an active admin on gamepedia, there's a lot more work put into hex4newbies at this point, so it makes sense to just work on newbies. Gamepedia: * Content pages * 1,227 * Pages (All pages in the wiki, including talk pages, redirects, etc.) * 2,854 * Active users (list of members) (Users who have performed an action in the last 30 days) * 0 Hex4Newbies: * Content pages * 1,906 * Pages (All pages in the wiki, including talk pages, redirects, etc.) * 2,937 * Active users (list of m…

  • Quote from Largashbur: “I've registered. Please reverse the captcha, spambots are flooding the wiki at this second. ” I think as long as I keep up with IP-range blocks, they won't disrupt the wiki. Luckily until their account is approved, all they can do is create new pages - everything else needs to be approved before it's visible to the public. Your account is good to go Edit: Turned on abuse filters, that is helping a lot with the bots. Crossing Swords (that was a test link, but it kind of fi…

  • Quote from Largashbur: “I actually cannot create an account there as there is no way to correctly answer the captcha question. When it asks: "What shard color is Jadiim", neither "Wild", "wild", "Green" or "green" work. Maybe you should re-check those captcha questions... ” Ok since it's not working for you I killed the captcha system for now. Can you try now? (as it turns out, most of our spambots have IPs that are also blocked on wikipedia, so I'm just copying their IP range blocks. should be …

  • A good starting point is to go to and create the pages that have the most links to them. If you're unsure what to create, find a similar page and format it similar to that. And feel free to poke me once you've made an account, I'll approve your account so you won't have to answer questions to prove you aren't a bot, and make it so your edits appear to the public right away instead of needing approval.

  • AFAIK every new account created gets ~200 cards and they are still flagged like that. IMO the non-tradable and not-usable-with-crafting flag is good (making them tradable would put their value to zero and would mess with crafting, also people should always have some basic cards to play with) they just need to better identify those cards (UI issue).