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  • Episode 7 premiered today! Please like and subscribe! (And new Frost Ring Friday episodes will continue until the game shuts down. Corinth Daily Match will continue deep into 2021.)

  • Hi, I'm going to try and use stardust to full art as many cards as I can before the game sunsets. I will then screen cap all of them and hopefully make them available somewhere. I may also make a video of all of them on my YouTube channel. If any of you have stardust you are not planning to use before the game sunsets, please mail them to me in game. My in-game name is the same as my forum name. I need promo, legendary, and rare. Don't need common or …

  • Episode 6 premiered today! Please like and subscribe! (And new Frost Ring Friday episodes will continue until the game shuts down. Corinth Daily Match will continue deep into 2021.)

  • Episode 5 is out today! Please like and subscribe! (And new Frost Ring Friday episodes will continue until the game shuts down. Corinth Daily Match will continue deep into 2021.)

  • I'm sad because Hex is literally my favorite game of all time. I love that it leaned in to the digital-only aspect as well as built upon the great parts of Magic while addressing some of its failures (with things like the starting hand algorithm). If you don't know, I have a YouTube channel that is mostly devoted to Hex. I have pre-recorded so much content that there will be daily videos well into 2021. I will also be adding new games to feel the void in my heart until Hex 2 hopefully arrives. P…

  • Episode 4 is out today! Please like and subscribe . . .

  • Episode 3 is out today!!! Please subscribe to the channel and like the video. It helps a lot!

  • Episode 2 is out! Please like and subscribe . . .

  • Hey guys! I've started a new video series on my YouTube channel (in addition to the daily Corinth videos and other Hex content). It's called Frost Ring Fridays! I'll be profiling a new Frost Ring Arena deck every Friday around 1 p.m. Pacific. If you have decks you'd like to see featured, let me know in the comments on the videos. Check out the first Frost Ring Friday video at To view the channel, visit Enjoy!

  • New Hex YouTube channel

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    Hey. I've started a new Hex YouTube channel. At the moment, it's mostly my Corinth games, but I hope to expand beyond that in the future. I've committed to uploading a new video every day, so check it out if you are interested.

  • Awesome. Thank you. Sorry for the defeat.

  • Anyone know the order of the Merry Melee formats and the rotation? I ask because my favorite is Corinth. I need to take some vacation days soon (or lose them). I'd like to time them for when Corinth is back up. There are a couple other formats I like as well (such as Portal Kombat) so a full list would be awesome!

  • To be clear . . . it's not Merry Melee that is the problem, it is Who's the Boss. Corinth was awesome. Who's the Boss? is not. I understand some people have enjoyed it, but I would ask why you would support a mode where games are over before they start? Burly Botanist Elite cannot win against Lightning Sky Hunter Elite. There are many such matchups in a mode that you are paying for.

  • Well, it may not be the "worst experience" for some, but it's definitely not a great one. For those that are 13-2, most likely you got lucky in that you were given the best bosses. Some of these matchups are impossible and it's sad that people pay to only have to basically concede. They need to bring back Corinth or switch to one of the other modes soon. I'm not even playing this weekend because I don't like the other formats that are available.

  • Lightning Skyhunter Elite vs. Burly Botanist Elite for example. There is no point to that matchup. I got that matchup and I literally conceded. That has happened quite a few times in this format, so people aren't even getting to really pay the games that they paid for. Thankfully, I have my sleeve and so I don't have to play it any longer.

  • I applaud Hex for trying, but this format is the absolute worst. The decks are very imbalanced. Some games are automatic losses. Why did they all the bosses have to be elite? Also, why can't we see the other player's name or choose sleeves/battleboards? This format is not fun. I will only play until I have the sleeve and then I will never play it again. If you want to salvage this at all, make each player play the exact same boss every time. Honestly, I'd put Corinth back or another format stat.

  • I want to thank Hex for taking quick action and bringing this format back. I really appreciate it. @Thrawn -- I appreciated your feedback as I enjoy your videos. Player-organized formats are great, but they don't bring in new players as much as built-in formats do, so I'm happy that we have both.

  • I understand the marketing value of rotating formats. The problem is that when you like the rotated format 10x better than any other format, it feels like the game got shut down when it goes away. Again, I'd rather them replace one of the existing formats than to take this one away. Also, what other game offers the Corinth format? None. This format is a way for Hex to really differentiate itself especially since the entry point is pretty inexpensive comparatively. It's a way for new players to l…

  • Quote from JinsakuAjo: “I love PVP and enjoy limited quite a bit. I *loved* Corinth. I pretty much played only that (outside of the Bash/Clash this weekend) since it launched. ” I'm with you. I mostly play FRA with some PVP, but I literally played it all day long. Totally going through withdrawals now.

  • I'm really depressed that Merry Melee Corinth is gone. I don't feel like playing Hex at all without it. It excited me like no other format I have played in this game. I'm primarily a PVE player who occasionally plays PVP, but generally doesn't enjoy PVP. Corinth changed all of that for me, because it was just a fun experience with no pressure to buy certain cards or sideboard perfectly -- it was just about fun! I know it wasn't perfect (like can we reduce the chance of a resource spawning in the…