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  • Any news is good news, way better than what I expected for the next real friday update to be about. Have you considered doing a 'soft reboot'? Say, keep all cards and some immortal action, but begin again on set 1 for Standard constructed and release a new set every 3 months? (and then switch back to every 4 months once/if set 10 is released) Include a couple of Kismet drafts and you have over 2 years of content that should provide more income than another couple of years of Doombringer and won'…

  • Same here, quite surprised as well.

  • That friday feeling!!!

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    I hope they address the state of the game, set 10 status and what is going all with remaining payments. Otherwise I’ll follow the spirit of Tuesday updates and start clashing and bashing everywhere (twitter, Facebook, sony’s Forums....)

  • At this point, I'm quite certain they've removed the VIP subscription because they want to allow all active VIP subscriptions to run out before closing.

  • K, didn’t read his full post. Then again, he makes sense. He likes most mm and doesn’t mind paying, but since he finds no one to play against, he has uninstalled.

  • Quote from Vroengard: “Quote from Portensio: “I don't care for 1$ cost to enter and get cool sleeves I actually uninstalled Hex this week... ” These two don't match. Either it's "I wouldn't care / wouldn't have cared" or you haven't uninstalled and you're still playing. I'll assume it's the first case, just a grammatical mistake. ” “I don’t care for”can also (weirdly enough) be used as “I don’t like...”; which I guess is the use Portensio is going for. The key difference is caring for ( dislike)…

  • Quote from Pandemica: “Hahahaha. Who in their right mind thought 4play was a good idea? Do away with it, and just fuck me please. ” your lube or mine? Also, I'll skip foreplay

  • 1 month later.

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    Quote from Smradd: “What if I told you I still haven't got my prize money from March 24th... ” Yeah, same here =(

  • So, there are no news, "flashback" still has the wrong gems, still haven't been paid and you didn't even have the common decency of just telling us you would not meet the deadline. Wonder how you would react if someone did that to you. Edit: the deadline that had already been extended and you only bothered to acknowledge when it started to seep out.

  • Quote from Ossuary: “Also it looks like despite what it says in the Friday update, you guys fucked up the gems. They are set 9 gems (with nearly zero prismatic troops in the set, too). So, you know, REAL nice job guys. Frickin'... babytime frolic level professionalism. ” Well, technically what they said is true...gem restrictions are in place. If you socket Doombringer gems you get an invalid deck message. Welcome to socketless flashback.

  • You guys forgot to mention Set 10 announcement, set name, a lore article and that on Monday spoilers will begin. Right? Right?

  • when your father asks at what time is the “card tournament thingy” so we know when we have to leave the family lunch.

  • Quote from Steric: “Are we showing off that we got 5 wins in the immortal gauntlet or just confirming that you indeed get 7 packs for a 5 win gauntlet run for the sake of confirming bugs? ” 90% Confirming bug 10% show-off

  • Quote from CheekyBreeky: “After a 5 win gauntlet I recieved 7 packs instead of the listed 6, might be related? ” I also got 7 packs for 5 wins.

  • My pet immortal card is Xentoth's Inquisitor. Memories of it being 3-cost with the Major Ruby gem that would deal damage equal to its ATK to a random opposing troop notwithstanding, recurring threats are my jam, and for a time Xentoth's Inquisitor was a threat to be reckoned.

  • Love the Immortal gauntlet. L-O-V-E. And the art in the Immortal Gauntlet promos An Zakiir format looks like fun. And, unlike Who's the boss, there will be no 'lost before even drawing your hand' moments. On the other hand, it is somewhat odd that VIP cards (which are good and I expect will see play in immortal) rotate out of standard midseason.

  • On the positive side, this will reduce the price discrepancy between Frostheart/Dead of Winter and Doombringer/onwards down (with the vastly superior amount of packs from the new Bash/Clash structure), while greatly improving standard access to most people. On the negative side, the value of those cards will plummet (so much for collection value) and it really does feel like moving more to a CCG model. All in all, I still think having more players is way better than having my collection being wo…

  • Quote from Dinotropia: “That was a typo. We have nothing to announce regarding that feature at this time. ”……ef5c8afe0c793575470b585ed

  • Would really appreciate to know whether this is intended or not. @Dinotropia, is this consistent with the Treacherous Search + Mobilize issue? Should this be considered a bug then?

  • Quote from Thrawn: “Quote from SlayerStronghold: “is there a character limit? Brown Fox Scouting Party ” Well, if not, I want to amend mine to: Falling Star, the Brown Fox Tactician. First of her name. Leader of Scouts. Reader of dreams. Friend of Brosi. Bane of Shin'hare, and slayer of Enders. ” This is White Snow.