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  • @Dinotropia Thank's so much for the reply i finally found Haraza i really like the theme probably will just get this deck and keep it just for fun. For this year do you know where i can find the list of top decks for tournaments? I wanted to have an idea what is the tempo and look at high tiers for standard play, it will be much appreciated. Thanks again for your help and Cheers!

  • Hi @Dinotropia first of all thank you for the link of the sapphire ruby socket (I'm might be a year late ^^), I really like this deck setup and wanted to build it. I'm a newbie in HEX and have newbie questions that hope you guys can answer. I have played Magic the Gathering and Legend of the Five rings CCG so mechanics wise i have experience, so that given i wanted to jump to this deck and my newbie questions are. 1.) how can i get Haraza The Incinerator? seems like its not on the initial Hero S…