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  • You have a point, but I can't explain to save my life I can try. New players can't play these decks anyway because Triolith is a billion p and never for sale anywhere.

  • Champion: Haraza the Incinerator 4 Dragonspeaker Daliah *charge gem* (equip) 4 Primordial Sabertooth 4 Spirit of Retribution (Both equips) 4 Syyn, Etherdrake Nomad 3 Tiaanost 1 Uruunaz 1 Uruunaz the Merciless 3 Guidance 4 Spark of Fury 4 Cerebral Jack-hat (Both equips) 4 Forgotten Triolith (weapon) 4 Spectral Acorn 4 Brewed Ambrosia 2 Diamond Ice 4 Feralfuel 2 Ruby Ice 4 Wax Sacrament 4 Well of Conquest

  • the original offer we can modify it as we go, I got lazy so combined prices not each 3 Power $3 2 Academy $.30 1 Air $1 1 Lab $.25 2 Alwyn .20 1 Guide .10 2 Arachnom 1 1 Arbiter 2 3 Archive .30 1 Ardent .20 1 Asxetic .10 1 Maestro .10 2 Assim .50 2 Auspex 4 3 Ballistar .30 2 Bastards 1 1 Beetle .10 2 Sack .20 4 blamsmith .80 1 Blaze .25 1 seedbear .10 1 Teaver .10 1 Unicorn .10 4 bramble .80 2 boglam .60 1 blast .10 3 Bowie 3 4 brilliant 2 2 brood .60 3 bouncer .30 2 bruise .20 1 cage .10 1 cage…

  • Champion: Sharpshooter Sahas 4 Apprentice Trio (both equips) 3 Artisanal Sommelier 3 Primordial Sabertooth 4 Sunsoul Phoenix 4 Visage of the Masquerade 3 Heat Wave 3 Purging Flames (Boots) 3 Runic Avalanche 3 Zygmunt's Game 3 Chark Mart 4 Cereberal Jack-hat (Chest) 4 Forgotten Triolith (Weapon ofc) 4 Brewed Ambrosia 4 Feralfuel 4 Ruby Ice 7 Ruby Shard

  • Champion: Knightsbane Ovo 4 Aegilus 4 Daughter of the Poet 4 Eternal Guardian 4 Ethereal Caller 2 Optimatron (trinket) 4 Spirit of Retribution (both equips) 4 Guidance 2 Hereafter 2 Noble Heart (equip) 4 Ozawa's Wish 4 Cerebral Jackhat (chest) 4 Forgotten Triolith (weapon) 4 Brewed Ambrosia 4 Diamond Ice 6 Diamond Shard 4 Wax Sacrament

  • Champion: Frostshaper Gorkrog 4 Arena Regular (equip) 4 Heartsworn Mordrom 4 Lixil, Heartsworn (equip) 2 Naagaan Lapidary *Charge gem* 3 Primordial Sabertooth 4 Pyresmoke Cabalist (equip) 4 Saarthu (Both equips) 4 Underworld Reinforcements 4 Runebind 4 Voltwrench (equip) 4 Brewwd Ambrosia 4 Remnant of Innovation 2 Ruby Ice 3 Sapphire Ice 2 Sapphire Shard 4 Sepulchra Crypt Dust 4 Well of Innovation

  • Buying Cards

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    I have a ton of equips if you have a list of some specific ones maybe I might have some of them, also have some Aspects if you wanna trade an AA for 2-3 normals.

  • Quote from Artifaction: “I am all for the gears being unnerfed haha, just worried rereleasing them in an event might be kinda annoying to collectors. I like the already equipped versions of cards, would you be able to double up on the equip effects or would it simply bypass the need for the equipment? Very interesting way to explore the digital environment great suggestion. ” a bypass, so that other cards can get used. Obv cards like Triolith have a monopoly on specific equip slots, just cards t…

  • Champion: One Eye Open 4 Ingenious Engineer (equip) 4 Restless Fabricator 4 Spirit of Retribution (Both equips) 4 Tech-tician (equip) 4 Cosmic Calling 1 Consult the Talon 4 Tale of Insight 1 Shrewd Manipulation 3 Soul Marble (equip) 3 Treacherous Pass 4 Forgotten Triolith (weapon) 1 Sliver of the Immortal Spear 3 Brewed Ambrosia 4 Nameless Draught 4 Remnant of Purpose 2 Scrios Coins 2 Scrios Limestone 4 Wax Sacrament 4 Well of Purpose

  • like what if we got versions of the cards that are already equipped so we get more slots to work with? Also I think Slaughtergear's are pretty not good in their current form so giving them back some of what they had is fine. I'd definitely like for them to add those exclusive cards, Primal Shard either needs to be added to the cards we can play or removed from the game entirely, like sure the Power cards are strong but PVE is so unbalanced anyway that who cares.

  • I have a Blightbark for you

  • C.O.D bug?

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    you should be able to cancel it

  • C.O.D bug?

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    Quote from Wolzarg: “This is still a issue did a deal with theKnightsofni i lost the plat but didn't gain the cards @Dinotropia He got the plat after a relog but i didn't get the cards even after relog. ” You will need him to send them again, this has happened to me.

  • C.O.D bug?

    NightmareHitomi - - Bugs and Tech Issues


    Bug still persists to a degree.

  • Opening Siege packs is broken on PC too.

  • Yeah campaign is broken.

  • Quote from Dinotropia: “No plugs were pulled in the making of this server migration. It is just taking a little longer than originally expected. The job is quite large, but we have our people on it. Current estimations have us going live at end of day today. Regardless, we will let everyone know when we are back up via our usual channels. Sorry for the delay, and thank you for your patience. ” are we getting anything for our inconvenience? I feel like we should, no matter how small it is. I mean…

  • hex mm events

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    Hmm, I agree. Corinth is the only one really worth a damn. Most of the rest should just be scrapped, especially those that you use your own cards and I'm saying that as someone who owns most of the cards in the game.

  • we's is still down boys. THEY PULLED THE PLUG!

  • Quote from QBFinest: “Quote from NightmareHitomi: “how's 800p sound? ” Are you talking about for Mightsinger? ” I was but you didn't respond, so she got sold already.