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  • Selling Collection

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    Quote from Pandemica: “$20 ” You're overpaying.

  • Quote from CoSVII: “How many weeks with no clash or bash firing at this point? How many months since Corey spoke to us about “plans” .... ” Over 5 months since Cory was forced out of hiding. He has not been seen since. Heck, he only said something because Nerojinous went to him at their offices. Quote from JazzfanTwentySev: “The next time we hear from Cory I suspect it will be to announce a closing of the servers. I'm not particularly holding my breath for that. Of course, given the level of com…

  • The account is worth not even half 1.1 M plat. Well over half the "value" is in uncommon, commons, and AAs. Due to the floor on platinum in the AH, they are not worth the value listed on hex tcgbrowser. Honestly, the entire collection is not even worth the starting bid. Bet of luck to you.

  • Overdue Tournament Prizes

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    Quote from Dinotropia: “Hey Etruia (and anyone else waiting on Tournament prizes), your messages have not been going into the void. The team continues to monitor the situation and has regular conversations on where we are and how we can get you the these payouts. I don't have an ETA for you right now, but I know we are committed to paying out any prizes which have been won in the past. Thanks for your continued patience. ” Translation: Cory and Cryptozotic are kind of sorry you are never getting…

  • Do clash and bash even fire anymore? Also, just kill Hex. Have some dignity.

  • Thanks for all your work Fred.

  • draft roatations

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    Quote from Eraia: “Also... wonder if we're going to have a Halloween pve event this year, or if the game is too dead for them to even do THAT lol (I guess it'd be hard for them to let us know about it since Dino only knows how to copy and paste right now) ” They already missed seafest, so no.

  • Who won door prizes this week?

  • Quote from CoSVII: “No remarks on tournament minimum participation changes for BASH/CLASH? No new Sleeves .... this is a non-update. ” Where is the announcementt to the change? Anyways great copy and paste skills, dino. You are doing a bang up job managing the community.

  • Quote from Pofflord: “That must be the stupidest communication with a community Ive ever witnessed in any game. At that point posting nothing would be better than ridiculing us with your friday bullshit posts. I really want to know now if this game shuts down and my collection will be entirely worthless within the year. ” Well, your collection is basically worthless now. Shutdown will happen when Crpytozotic can no longer milk anyone for cash.

  • The forum has an ignore feature. Use it. That will solve everyone's problem. Enough going after other forum users. That is not enough of us already.

  • Quote from Obsidian: “Quote from eddatog: “Quote from Obsidian: “Alternative: They don't want to shut down servers because then people can't continue playing, so they don't announce a server shutdown. They don't have funds to continue development, but at least they don't have to shut down. It's a little disingenuous to say there's so much more to come, though. I still think they should just offer free drafts to get people to log back in and revitalize the game. Unless that income's the only thin…

  • I expect nothing and I am still disappointed.

  • Quote from Dinobot: “We hope you all enjoyed this tournament-fueled weekend as much as we did. And remember, there’s so much more on the horizon! ” Do tell. What is on the horizon?

  • Quote from Pandaemonium: “Quote from Dekroma: “The worst part of this dismal death to me isn’t the money I spent on the game, the ~$700 got me hundreds of hours worth of a pretty awesome TCG... the worst part is the emotional and technical effort I invested to try and help improve the game... Thinking how cool getting to the finals of the card-design intern competition and regretting that I could never to take the risk of quitting my job even if I did win... the super long forum posts espousing …

  • Quote from AxelDWater: “Quote from Dethington: “Quote from Frederik: “Quote from Ossuary: “Quote from Frederik: “Quote from Ossuary: “I think it's adorable that there's anyone left who believes the lie that the only thing stopping Set 10 from coming out is the lack of art. It hasn't been coded, either. And there's nobody left TO code it, so it's never going to GET coded. The lack of art was just a less harmful cover story than the truth. Don't be fooled by corporate speak and obvious hype / lies…

  • I know we will get plenty of "it's dead" memes, but I'm really looking forward to the death of hex being blamed on forum toxicity.

  • That friday feeling!!!

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    No, you negative nancys, clearly spoilers start tomorrow. Cory is not so clearly incompetent as to not even update everyone if the delay was going to be longer. Set 10 hype time!

  • Good news, @theblackcompany you can pay for the art for set 10. Just buy a million dollars worth of plat, no need for fancy schemes. Hex still won't buy the art for set 10 with the money, but they will throw themselves one hell of a party.

  • Quote from GobBluth: “I doubt Cory knows the Hex servers are still online. ” Might be some truth to this. He hasn't been on the forums since June 24th. Onto the Friday update, holy shite an actual update. No more VIP. No update on set 10 signals to me the game is dead. Probably some legal obligation preventing the intern from reminding Cory to pull the plug on the servers. Cory is probably busy trying to figure out how to scrub himself from any mention of Hex.