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  • "By a lie, a man... annihilates his dignity as a man." (Immanuel Kant)

  • Quote from Fred: “Not even a brief mention of Hex' 6th birthday in the update? ” Do zombies get birthdays?

  • Why are uou sighing? You all wouldn't like co-op in Hex

  • 1M gold giveaway

    federicorighi - - HEX Discussions


    Wow thanks that's exciting! IGN: federicorighi

  • There isn't a word in the vocabulary to fully describe how idiot this situation is...

  • I'm playing the game and so far it's great. Obviously there are still some bugs and issues (the deckbuilder sucks!), but overall I'm positively impressed by its potential in the very near future. Moreover, having devs that actually hear feedback from players is absolutely the best...

  • I know that many of you won't agree, but I feel a bitsorry for Dino and the other people who are exposed to all our hate and have to put their signature on copy-paste non-updates that aren't dependent on the way they do their job. It has to be frustrating as hell... Notice that this statement has nothing to do with the censorship method that has sometimes been applied in the forum, which is surely connected but isn't the very same topic.

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  • Ten people yesterday at Fight Night (again!) means that time is more than ended. Nevertheless, today we will see another Merry Melee mode coming back full circle, and another copy-paste article... I'm still convinced of a Set 10 release somehow in 2018, but kind of scared of it because any set leads to bugs, it's normal. Remember when Pippit Pal transformed you in a troop? Pepperidge Farm remembers. And how are they supposed to fix something like that when they can't put the right gems in "Flash…

  • Try on the Discord, maybe someone has spare copies... I haven't unfortunately.

  • I think people could agree that the policy by itself isn't hostile: every company, just as any person, has its own right to be open or to keep some information hidden, it's just a matter of how you like to show yourself to your customers. Cory's words were hostile, even the opening sentence of the post is, imho. It's sad that MTG has Mark Rosewater and we have... what, Dinobot? Although I think it's not his fault... I wonder what the next step could be. Some sort of strike against Bash & Clash? …

  • HexPvPTools not working

    federicorighi - - HEX Discussions


    If I'm not terribly mistaken, it seems that PvP Tools stopped gathering match data on Aug. 17: neither ladder matches nor tournaments (Fight Night, 5 Shard Weekly) got registered after that. Just a little bug or another sign of the apocalypse?

  • Do you all know that a joke is funny until it becomes boring, but if you're able to keep going with it, it begins to be even funnier? Well, this doesn't have anything to do with it.

  • Hi guys, since there are many posts around the forum about how things are going bad and why, I thought it could be interesting to sum up everyone's proposals to make the game better and (re)attract people. Just to be more precise, I'm not referring to big structural changes, like a complete revision fo the PvE components of the game, just to some improvements tha could happen right now and be helpful in your opinion. Here are some of mine: - Real and completely revised Immortal ladder with fair …

  • The difference is that in MTG Arena your only seller is the company: there are neither third parts nor privates in AH to sell you what you need, so you can't simply jump in and put together what you really want to build. Either you grind for weeks, or spend a lot of money to open dozens of packs, as far as I know. That's a huge limit. Hex has to be able to use it as one of its strength points in order to survive. Reality is that a game like Hex can't afford to release bad sets, and set 9 is pret…

  • Quote from Vroengard: “I believe you should be satisfied with this answer, I addressed all your points. ” You have been. Great post and 100% agree, and I have to underline that I sincerely had no intention to talk about people offering constructive criticism, which is far from unuseful babycry. In fact, I believe it is one of the best resources for the game. What annoys me is reading people repeat the same thing multiple times every day without making any constructive use of their observations. …

  • Why are people enjoying the problems the game has at the moment and, most importantly, why do they feel any need to post all their negativity instead of just doing better things? I had left the game in January for many reasons, came back some days ago and the most part of the comments I read here and in chat during games are so frustrating. I cannot understand whether people want the game to improve and solve its issues or not... and if it doesn't, why not peacefully move on with their lives?

  • PM sent. EDIT: transaction already done. Super fast and very kind, the best of the best one could ask for!

  • Sold. Thanks everuone, bye!

  • Hey guys, due to lack of time and other reasons I'm getting out of Hex TCG after some good months of play. I have a deep Standard pool, including a good amount of Standard staples in 4x (all the Wells except Well of Ancient, for example... but I still have 2 of them! ), entire Standard decks built (RD Candles, SW Candles, RS Sockets, DW Momentum, RB Aggro) and plenty of other good Legendary and Rare cards. Plus, some good PvE things and equipments: just to mention, there's a full SB Mill Arena d…