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  • Quote from Blackwood: “ Now that @HEXSirSleepy is a confirmed Grinch after the dev stream yesterday, I did want to note for anyone who watched or participated then that usually Pappy shows up a lot earlier than that--and the earlier decks are generally intentionally designed with the mindset of 'manageable by suboptimal challenger decks, with optional difficulty when you take on Puzzle Badge challenges.' For posterity and fun, I also wanted to share a screen grab from a replay demonstration how …

  • Quote from Wolzarg: “Can we have confirmation that the bonus star for 2-0 still remains it matters a lot since if it doesn't you just made the grind longer? ” Thanks for asking this. We noticed that there was a section of the ladder update article that was unclear. Here is some additional info clarifying the changes to ‘bonus stars’ on the ladder: With the next patch, we will be removing the bonus star awarded for having a flawless match (winning both games, 2-0). This bonus encouraged players t…

  • Hey everyone, It’s been a busy day here, but I wanted to chime in on this ongoing conversation. First, I appreciate all the impassioned yet focused feedback on this topic. As you can probably tell from these conversations, it was difficult to find a simple implementation that would result in everyone being totally happy. We chose the method we did because we believed it had the fewest negative impacts across all ranges of players, while not being a heavy burden on our resources – the more time w…

  • I think one of those is not a puppy!

  • Quote from KozHex: “I have one more question for @HEXSirSleepy if he's still around to answer. In the article it mentions like 30+ new pieces of equipment for PvP cards, but I'm wondering if all of those are just for Doombringer or other sets as well. I know there were several pieces of equipment that were showing up on Hex tcg browser but are currently not in client and I'm hoping they will be added soon ” Sorry for the delayed response. Without getting into exact numbers, I believe that the ma…

  • Quote from KozHex: “I'm really happy to see that there is quite a bit of new content being added to the game for PvE this patch, that's awesome. Some quick questions about balancing for @HEXSirSleepy Were any of the "explosive" starts that the AI can have addressed as well? Notably, those elites that start with cost reducing troops in play and can result in absolutely insane board states on the first or second turn? I know a lot of people have commented on that in the past, so I'm curious if tha…

  • Quote from Showsni: “Quote from HEXSirSleepy: “Quote from Showsni: “So... Arcanograft Technician can now many infinite Arcanobots the turn you play him? Are you sure that was the change made to him? ” Only the resource cost was removed from the power. It still has an activation cost that requires you to exhaust Arcanograft Technician. ” What do you mean still? He doesn't currently need to exhaust at all. ” Doh! Ok, you got me. For some reason, when I was writing this, I remembered the original a…

  • Quote from Mormont: “For Fever Bloom, does the equipment create the Dementia Daisies and put into you hand or does it pull it from the deck? ” Sorry, that was a little bit of shorthand. It should say "Deploy - Create a Dementia Daisies and put it into your hand." So it's the former.

  • Quote from Showsni: “So... Arcanograft Technician can now many infinite Arcanobots the turn you play him? Are you sure that was the change made to him? ” Only the resource cost was removed from the power. It still has an activation cost that requires you to exhaust Arcanograft Technician.

  • The card design you submit does not have to be of any specific rarity. I think some of the confusion is based on the image in the first post, but you can ignore that uncommon symbol when it comes to your own design. Keep the cool ideas coming!

  • Quote from Portensio: “Defense: Invests in a hoard, Gains plat/gold each time it is attacked, win or lose you get 20% of your hoard (40% is the entry, you get 50% of that so thats 20% of the hoard) Attacker: Pays 40% of hoard to attack, gains hoard if you win. Question: What happens to the Hoard if you concede? Since its a accumulation of your initial amount + what others have attacked, what happens if i decide to remove my keep like the article says its possible? ” If you are withdrawing (aka c…

  • Quote from Colin: “Quote from HEXPaladon: “Quote from schild: “Also I'm buying one of those shirts ” Screenshot or it didn't happen... ” Hey, I bought 5! ” What... Why? What is happening? WHAT IS GOING ON?

  • This is great stuff! Looking forward to reading more opinions on this topic.

  • Quote from Draconix: “Glad to see Jared is finally being CONSTRUCTIVE at work. ”

  • That Kickstarter video was insane! (I should have expected no less from Cory.) Ryan's acting job was on point, I hope it doesn't inflate his ego and he runs off to Hollywood. Quote from HEXCoryJones: “EVERY Tuesday at HEX HQ we... WORK OUR ASSES OFF ON HEX! ” This is true. Quote from HEXCoryJones: “seriously Jared has almost no ass left ” Uhh, not quite as true. This project looks so rad Cory, such a genius concept! I'm super excited to see all the projects that get created. Congrats!

  • Friday Update! 7.14.17

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    This might be my favorite Cory update yet. Becoming a ninja is epic! Does this mean I have to stop being a pirate? I love pirate rum too much...

  • Quote from Eraia: “Quote from Blackwood: “Here's a belated thought: when you Fateweave, does it inform your opponent whether you picked a resource or a card? ” Very good question. My assumption is no, although they might see the 'phantom card' as it gets cast. @HEXahedron @HEXSirSleepy Any insight? ” You will not be able to tell which option your opponent selected. Quote from Transience: “Oooh, i like that Tonguebreeder a lot. ” Gross!

  • Quote from Eraia: “It does sadden me that the Moa stops being a bird when you frostform it. It's not like 'Elemental Birds' don't exist in Hex. ” Sorry. That silly moa was having some kind of identity crisis. I've given him a thorough talking to, and explained to him that he's a bird, even when brittle.

  • Quote from Utremeld: “Quote from Reeplay: “The card from the dev stream ” Great art and the typo of Lady Violent ” Whoops! Good catch, Utremeld. Although 'Lady Violent' sounds pretty rad.

  • Friday Update! 4.21.17

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    Quote from HEXCoryJones: “I keep telling him that isn't a dog and there is some strange dude living in his yard but he wont listen. ” But every night I come home and he licks my face and fetches my slippers. He's a good dog! If only he didn't have so many flea problems.