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  • eternal card game

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    just wait for pax at the end of the month. artifact is supposed to be the next big thing, this convention should show if that is true or not.

  • Quote from Yasi: “Another 3-0 draft with trishard 7NpRZRd.png To anyone that's having a tough time in draft, take your time to evaluate when to pick up that uncommon and when to forgo it for shard fixing. I think in this particular draft I gave up two Vinetoads for the two blood fixings. Also Irontongue Terminus is like the best 2 drop in the game. 1/5 for 2 cost? that's a ton of power for a 2 cost. And to make it all you need is Ironshell Terminus and Vinetongue Terminus, both commons. ” How do…

  • Quote from Portensio: “Quote from Olfff: “MMh...everyone feels great about the set it seems. Maybe it's just me then. I feel like my evos so far have been awkward. You pretty much have to go tri-shard to have enough troops to build your deck, but the fixing available is not always in the pairings where your pay offs belongs. In general i'm doing good, not amazingly, but good in limited, good enough to build my collection each set by grinding evos ; but this set is maybe just more complex. I don'…

  • Am I the only person who thinks golden boots is trash? Doesn't it literally do nothing for 3 the turn you play it?

  • Meta going into ccs

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    Quote from Vroengard: “You will have to reconsider now that the champion changes will be live for CCS. ...sorry. ” wait really? fuck me. only deck i have built is verdict. guess i'll just cash in for the free packs and drop -_-/

  • Am I the only person who doesn't like this? Are we going to have to resort to kismet draft for 2+ months every set because they keep releasing stale formats? Certainly this cant be a good thing for the long term :/.

  • im not gonna lie, i've been LOVING the dungeon runs in HS, much more than I have ever liked playing hex pve. This is how RNG should be done imo, put it in the PVE PART OF YOUR GAME. Stop trying to push it in limited or constructed. If i had to compare hex to hs pve, I would honestly say Hex PVE is almost dumpster tier as far as FUN goes. I would not mind if Hex PVE became more like HS dungeon runs.

  • since players are like lemmings, can you make a deck with twilight archons in it that can win games on stream so I can sell mine at 500+p? I have about 9 of them, and really need some plat.

  • I'm sure it has been mentioned since there is 24 pages.... But why exactly cant Hex monetize PVE after you hit a certain point? Such as a1 and a2(hell lets say even a3) are free, but after that make it like adventures from hearthstone and charge players for new zones(and give them awesome pve cards too i guess?)

  • Quote from Gregangel: “i know people like to focus their hate toward the same target over and over. But Furiko in evo and in draft just got a 52/53% winrate. In the same range of every good class shard combo from any limited format. And far from the most efficient. ” that is pretty damn good though. you realize most of furikoh's matchups are mirror matches right. Even if the win rate was "fine", it doesn't change the fact that furikoh is limited game warping and either other wild champions need …

  • Judging from the direction limited is going, they want this game to be super casual friendly, which means decks like mill have no place. Mill already isn't THAT strong, and they have a strong hate card that anybody can play.

  • i got an answer right but didnt win, feelsbadman lol

  • I really feel there is going to be a big drop off of players during this set. 888 really feels horrible balance wise, and I really don't see 887 being that much better. Then there is constructed, I went from silver to cosmic(constructed) within hours with a nice spirit/verdict brew, but after watching some vods, constructed is looking realllly snowbally, mainly looking at candles and momentum. I also don't know if another kismet draft is going to hold people over this time around again, either. …

  • Primal Pack procs: 29 Packs for playset: 600 Primal Chests for sleeves: 30 Chest spins for sleeves: 200 Last card: Timophy the Turtle!

  • No tablet hype?

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    Playing with big boards is already horrible enough on PC, I dont know why people want tablet so badly lol.

  • I think I should try this whole "be suspect and not talking" thing in my next serious relationship

  • Quote from AnomalyCobra: “probably waiting for confirmation for patch on ps4 Before announcing it. Likely was slated for Tuesday release but might not want to announce it until they know patch is not postponed for ps4 ” wow set is being released later than it should simply because of ps4? wow -_-

  • Should we just be expecting mostly limited filler from here on out?

  • RNG Discussion Thread

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    Quote from Eraia: “Quote from FryChikN: “popular =/= competitive ” Of course popular != competitive... but Hearthstone is the most competitive in every measurable way. Every non-subjective way that I can think of. I don't LIKE that that's true, because I hate hearthstone, but I can't deny that it is. If you think I'm wrong, then please, prove me wrong. Provide me a measurable statistic that makes Hearthstone not the most successful, largest, most competitive Card Game around. I am totally open t…

  • RNG Discussion Thread

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    Quote from Eraia: “Quote from Vroengard: “highly competitive should not give that option. ” You are aware that Hearthstone is currently the most competitive TCG out there regardless of whether we like it or not, based off of every metric except 'It's too rng' right? More players than magic, more viewers than magic, bigger prizepools, larger tournaments, etc. ” popular =/= competitive