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  • Come on, even I can see that this is a post made in bad faith, closing thread.

  • Quote from Goliathus: “I don't see the red part in Hex, thus making the orangy-gold part impossible. ” Yeah, I implied that was the qualifier, the fact that it's possible is what gives me hope, but you're right Hex has to prove it's up for the challenge for that hope to pay off.

  • Hello Games' small team of 6 people (on average) has busted their asses off working on No Man's Sky for the last 2 years to bring 3 major updates and 1 massive one recently ("NEXT") and have totally brought their initially failed launch of a game back from the brink. They did this by actually listening to the community, working hard and letting their results speak for themselves, and I'm happy to say the game is soooooo much better for it. It gives me some hope for Hex maybe turning shit around,…

  • See title. It's annoying when I'm playing a spider deck with Zarzym and a bunch of my spiders aren't EA because the champion created ones don't EA themselves, even when my entire deck is EA.

  • See title. Similar to how we show counts of cards owned in collection in card tooltips, but with equipment. Would be nice to know if I already have an equipment piece that drops from a dungeon reward without having to look it up, or if I'm browsing the AH and not sure if I have a certain piece or not yet, etc.

  • See title. Would be nice to hide my offline friends from my friends list.

  • Thank you hex!

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    Cool story

  • Quote from Blackwood: “Sure you just need to look at it a little differently. ” pretty sure it's batman h4X5R6t.png

  • Sweet, Flashbacks are fun, looking forward to it. also agree with @schild that Chaos Drafts would be even better if not too hard to implement down the road Also EDH

  • Good stuff, thanks MSB

  • Not that I've seen recently, though some of them were moved to more appropriate subforums. I know I've personally moved a few to Feedback and Suggestions to keep those posts in one spot for devs to review easier, check there maybe.

  • Quote from Plotynus: “Forums shouldn't die, they're literally the only place (besides reddit) where people actually talk about hex (twitter is just streamers advertising). It's a huge mistake all that Hex is doing in managing these forums. ” I agree forums should stay as they are, but don't forget Discord, I talk about Hex more in discord than anywhere else really, mostly just guild servers but there's also larger public Hex ones out there too.

  • Sweet, Corinth is back Ka is a wheel

  • Questmas 2018

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    Quote from Transience: “Aren't you supposed to be a moderator? And as such isn't it actually your task to make sure off topic stuff is moved to a more fitting thread? I get that a bunch of people want HEX team to tell them something about the future of the game but it's getting more and more annoying by the day to see ever other fucking thread being cluttered with these posts. I don't care for them and they have been singing the exact same tune for several weeks now. ” I'm not here to censor peo…

  • Questmas 2018

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    Well, technically new PVE content, so, I'll farm my cards again as with every one of these events. ... but can we please get some kind of state of the game or roadmap or anything? Maybe a picture of the dev team holding today's newspaper? Plz?

  • Dino Watch

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    Quote from Ksetrat: “I am Batman. ” Dx3D2CR.gif

  • Quote from Mach: “If they really wanted this to be a competitive format, the entry fee and the prizes would be much higher ” If they really wanted this to be a casual format, they'd let me challenge my friends directly. I'm still hoping this option will be made available in the future, but we'll see I guess.

  • Portal Kombat sounds kinda fun ... still waiting for these casual modes to be opened up for casual play with direct challenges to friends and no fee/rewards though. Every time my friends and I talk about these modes we're just sharing stories about matches with random people instead of with each other. Random matchmaking is nice for convenience and all, but it just feels so lonely sometimes and I'm sad I can't play these cool new modes with specific friends of mine.

  • Quote from Ducklett: “First off, many of the mercs are obviously balanced with their shard grid and rule changing deckbuilding text in mind. So you already have a balance issue right off the bat because some powers are balanced by their shard grid either being too weak and giving them a wide open rules or making the powers strong and then having strict deckbuilding. ” The rules we suggested specifically reduce all shard grid numbers greater than 1 to equal 1. It's strictly to keep the color iden…


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    Quote from Portensio: “thats basically this merry melee sleeves that are being given out.. ” ^ This guy gets it