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  • Welp - the game is dead, running as a parasite on poor PS players who dont know anything about it and have half-assed content that is missing the PvE parts So im asking - why not open the game up more? Without crafting you cant get the cards/equip you are looking for - because population is too low for auction house. You can never find what you need for that fun deck combo you are building. Why not give everyone every card and equip, so they can at least have some fun in this shell of broken pro…

  • Campaign - Forever Loading

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    Hey - im trying to play the campaign, but at start of almost every fight im experiencing endless "Loading" message and the fight would not load. The solution is to exit the client, log in again and try to reconnect - but even after that in 50% cases there is the endless loading message again and the fight will never start. Is there a way to fix that? Should i post some game logs here? Thanks for your help!

  • Was not able to catch the livestreams - was there any inside info/more info during the streams?

  • Here - see? What a bit of communication can do? Im playing again now after a year and half. I wonder what if they did not go dark - if only they were open and communicating for that year and a half - rotating drafts, bringing old sets back, making small changes here and there, changing the monetization... Oh well.

  • loooool thank god for the Hate Master General, Guardian of all Lore Galaxies and Dad's Favorite

  • Ok - i logged in, played few games, had so much fun - and got depressed immediately Amazing game, depth and simply fun and so many deckbuilding possibilities. On the other hand clunky, crashes, freezes, insane UIs, delays and matches sooooo long (waiting 5 mins for the oponent to confirm move is insane and after quick games in arena i want to pull the rest of my hair out....)

  • Quote from OzawaWanderer: “Quote from Metronomy: “TLDR: Either move on and forget Hex or try to constructively critique where they went wrong and try and help them come back. To me your post I replied with "Negative much..?" is the equivalent of a bad break up. Seriously shut up forget Hex and move on if your THAT spiteful. ” ” Well 1/you have no right to shush us if we do not share your cloud castle mood. We were emotionally and monetary invested in hex too - we kickstarted and played every day…

  • The Lore Hound's Letter

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    I have to be honest and blunt. I cared about PvE and Lore a lot (Stone me if you can...?) - PvE was great potential, amazing idea and was great and abysmal at the same time. So huge potential insanely wasted. Bad design decisions. All great stories were tied to PvP with boring PvE areas. Everyone was like "this will be shandalar 2.0" and we ended in arena where we could not use our mercenaries and few repetitive pve nodes. - PvE was abandoned and it was the best thing that made hex unique, there…

  • Quote from Callahan: “Hey Coyote just wanted to say thanks for starting this thread if you are still around. I am sure I have posted in here before but that doesn't matter now. To bad the game went to shit after explicitly focusing on PVP. I was here for the PVE side and backed only for that and know many others did as well. At least I gained 2 friends on steam from the ordeal other than that it has been a waste. ” Thanks a lot. Well - we tried. We had a lot of great ideas how to keep PvE alive …

  • A post from a disapointed HEX fan

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    Stone me if you want, but - PvE???

  • ...and more!

  • yeah... I am maybe a masochist, but if they drop any new PvE, i will be back in the game. I do not even need a new set

  • Merry Christmas guys - and have a nice (and safe) new year celebrations. Im always sad before Christmas and hex is just a cherry on the top of the seasonal depression. To imagine i was mad that there will be no new AZ in 2017...

  • I cannot offer much, but i worked in software and gaming Q&A for more than 5 years. I will be happy to test the code in my free time to see hex survive.

  • That friday feeling!!!

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    Just dropping by to tell you, that thronebreaker (gwent campaign) is AMAZING! Im so happy, just played it 5hours in a row, not missing hex at all

  • You know - i hate PvP. But i had a blast with Singleton and Momir's in Magic Arena for 500 gold. Got tons of fun and some great rares for my collection. Now that im thinking - i haven't spend any money on it and i have 5 decent decks and 15 fun decks that even work on ladder. Magic may be unchanging and stale due to its physical limitations, but they seem not greedy and fair. If hex did fun formats for gold and not platinum, i would be playing. But that's what so mental about the situation. We w…

  • Quote from Bootlace: “Was reading the comments on the review on Gwent's single player game "Thronebreaker" (which scored a 9 somehow) and saw someone say: Quote from Gamespot: “Only CDPR can make a card game into a well made single player...RPG? Dayum ” Someone luckily corrected him just below, but not referencing the game I expected, instead talking about Slay the Spire. And then I've been playing MTGA recently after like a 10 year break from MTG and the only new interesting innovation they see…