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  • A popup would work pretty well. Have it be something players toggle off rather than one and done and have it show directly below the Join button (which is between rules and rewards). It avoids most of the unnecessary noise since you'd only ever see it if you were about to enter a draft. There are a couple pitfalls which are avoided if you show it before the player has actually entered or the pod has fired.

  • So my feedback on this is that, yes the information could be made more available BUT I don't know how exactly I'd go about communicating it. I say this from a standpoint of someone who teaches games for a living; the more narrow a piece of information is the less useful it is to your average player. This particular piece of information is somewhat narrow and is most relevant to players that are experienced. Information like this has potential to go over a player's head in terms of skill level an…

  • Quote from Yasi: “None of our opinions matter. We have to wait to hear what the General's Tent has to say about this later today at 4:30 PM PST on the official channel at ” I will likely not be doing the GT tonight, today will be my 13th 10-13 hour work day in the pst 14 days. However, I might have to try and make a brief appearance just because of your comment. You made my day In case I don’t make it, I’ve only VERY briefly skimmed this thread, here is what I might say: “Peopl…

  • I’ve only had time to read the OP’s statement but I’m interested to see what others said. This is weird for me to read because I have zero nostalgia for the narrative of set 1-4 to me that narrative was non-existent, so it is weird to read that people were attached to those characters, I just didn’t feel that at all. To me those sets were just setting the stage & introducing the world of Entrath to us. But as far as narrative went to me this is literally how it felt: Set1: here is a rich world w…

  • Well... It isn't Nutsack Raven

  • Thanks all for participating! Hope you enjoyed this and congrats to the winners. I'll get you your prizes once the new set launches.

  • There is no I & there is no Y. Better luck later today!

  • @Biz wins a booster. W is indeed part of the word. The next two posters can guess letters (as before no repeat winners). Edit: you're also getting really close, I wouldn't be surprised if someone solves it. Remember you can solve it at any time & the first one to do so will win a primal pack.

  • Seeing as this is right up my alley I'm pretty excited for it. Glad to see that CZE is finding a way to start digitizing their games (though I think food fight was digitized at some point?). I know licensing is tricky in the industry if you just have the rights to publishing physical games with certain specs you can't port that to other mediums without going back to whoever you're licensing with. Surprised at how few people know what this type of game is, but guess that says more about me than i…

  • @NyashMyash wins a booster! Updating the hidden text now, still room for one more guess.

  • @Cearb wins a booster! The next two people to post can have a chance to guess! (if you've already won I'll skip you but you can still guess for funsies if you want). Since I've been fairly busy I'll throw you a freebie as well... D

  • Alright, got caught up at work... 13 hours later and I'm back in front of a computer... The next TWO people to post each get a guess!

  • Yup, I'll probably give another chance for someone to guess in another hour or so & I'll also unveil a letter myself most likely when I have a break while painting.

  • *Horn noise* There is no e.

  • Please, put your stuff on AH

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    Spent ~40 minutes listing a bunch of stuff that I thought people could probably use for defense. 2 things sold... it was definitely not worth my time. Which is a bummer because I have a lot of extra stuff that is probably worth something it is just such a chore to list it all.

  • It has been brought to my attention that I kinda bungled part of this I'm sure you'll forgive me. The next person to post here can guess a letter, if you're right you win a booster. (I'll do this more often at somewhat random intervals)

  • Hey folks, I came up with a fun way to spoil a card here on the forums and the guys at the office seemed to like the idea so I hope that you do too! _aw___ward T______r__ Letters that are not in the name: E I O Y Above is the current hint for the card. -You are trying to figure out what the name of the card is -I won't tell you how many letters it is to avoid you brute forcing it. -It is two words. -Each day I will add one more letter. *New: at a various times of my choosing I will let X number …

  • Quote from AnomalyCobra: “Are we trying to minimalize champion impact... don't get me wrong the powers seem cool but those charge requirements are silly for some of them. 5 charges and needing to have discarded a card to deal 3 damage to a troop? I really only see 2 or 3 of those champions seeing a lot of play ” I dunno man, a lot of these seem pretty high impact.

  • A few options that might not have been mentioned: 1/1: Pay a charge gain a dual shard pair 1/1: Charge + Gain one half of a dual shard pair now and the other half next turn (probably too good) 1/1: Charge + Lose one specific threshold, gain one each of two OTHER thresholds 1/1: Gain one each of two different thresholds & then your opponent gets to fateweave. 0/1: Gain a threshold + charge, shuffle a card from your hand into your deck & then draw a random resource from your deck

  • From the Internet's premiere social network platform: Death Toll Also from today's episode of the General's Pleasure Tent...…d5ca2ea2a8517051e40882dd8…d5ca2ea2a8517051e40882dd8