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  • Hey all! As Fred mentioned, I was on vacation for two weeks there. I was actually moving closer to work and building a whole TON of furniture, so it was one of those "do a bunch of other work" vacations. My new place is pretty sick, though! Anyhow, I updated the Linux client. So sorry it took so long; when I headed out we didn't have plans to patch the client for the next few weeks to my knowledge so I thought I could get away with all of it. Chris Woods

  • This is up to date with the currency patch

  • Updated the build to fix the resource art missing from the package and a problem with client API messages for collections for people with ultra-large collections.

  • Hey all; I have all the logs for ratings changes and can just do a big rework using those to figure out exactly what was on server at any given time. I'm going through that now and then I'll hand it off. No worries about us not having exact data on it or anything, just have to tape it all together. Sorry about the whole mess. When we made the ladder we made entries for a whole bunch for it to manually roll to the next one and then said "now we'll certainly not forget to put more ladders in once …

  • Put up a version without the debugging stuff. Grab it if the big annoying red box telling you something minor went wrong is ticking you off. Chris Woods

  • This is up to date with the 048 patch

  • I probably kicked off the linux build locally before starting the build script on the build server, so the version is lower by one. It doesn't really mean anything other then tracking down problems, but I'm positive that build has the right code in it.

  • I put a new build out there for when we patched last night and forgot to mention; update if you haven't already.

  • There's a new build out for

  • Sorry, we ran into a last minute problem with Count Dragomar that delayed stuff. That card, lemme tell ya.

  • May CCS Date?

    Chris - - HEX Discussions


    May 12th + 13th. We'll put it in tomorrows update. Chris Woods

  • There's a new package out there that should take care of problems people are having.

  • This is live now; as always I can't really test it because I don't have a linux box handy. Let me know if you run into any problems. Chris Woods

  • we autodelete the old version on patch It's taking a bit because the linux build target for unity 5.6.2p2 (what we were building on) is actually corrupted. I'm just installing unity 5.6.5p2 to sort of skip the issue (rather then wait for Unity to fix it) but I'll have to rerun all the asset bundles and whatnot, so it might be late into the evening before the new build is ready. Sorry bout that all! This is still sort of officially unsupported, so in the last week running up to release t's someti…

  • Thoughts on AI algorithms

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    Quote from Norwind: “I wish the AI was able to evaluate a board state and give it a score, and then "virtually" play cards and reevaluate the board. That way it could simulate playing different cards in different sequence and evaluate which sequence gives the best board state. Could also reveal if playing a sequence of cards before combat improves the current attack or not etc. I'm assuming this board evaluation is too taxing, and that's why it's not made that way, but I feel it would be better …

  • This should be out there. Sorry about the delay; yesterday was real long over here -- was actually up to 5am.

  • Not sure, but I'm not too worried about it. The checksums work out. Once you get your dist where you like it let me know. I can rebuild the package. Unity embeds timestamps in various files, do the MD5 will end up different even off the same input. Better to test it out when there isn't a patch then wait until there is. Chris Woods

  • Yeah, looks like I pulled the version.txt from the server tar and not the clients tar when moving things around. Sorry 'bout that; I did this version.txt after the fact so wasn't totally sure when the linux client was built. hex.tar.gz should always be authoritative, so md5 and version are just there to ensure that's what we think it is. Chris Woods

  • should have what you're looking for re: the hash and version numbers I went ahead and flagged as an open directory so you can scan it and react that way if you don't want to hardcode any actual files. That'll be the directory for a while. Chris Woods

  • Feel free to redist this however you think is most convenient to people. I'm not super hip on linux outside of knowing bash super well. Is there something I can setup to make knowing a new package is available automatic as opposed to forcing people to read the forums and wget stuff? Chris Woods