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  • Hello hello! Just came back to Hex after a few months hiatus and noticed a pretty big issue that makes deckbuilding much more time consuming. Mainly, I cannot view multishard cards at the same time as monoshard cards, which was possible the last time I played. I play a great deal of evo sealed for no other reason than I just think it's super fun, and for this mode in particular this UI change is painful! Just so I am clear, let me give an example of what I mean. Dead of Winter set: If I clicked …

  • Hey there! I don't know the answer to question 1, I've always just read the descriptions in game. But for question 2 i can help. You send cards to other players through the in game mail system. Type in your recipient and message, then click the paperclip icon. That's the attach button. Double click the cards u want to send, then click attach. After that just send the mail! You can also click the C.o.D checkbox and then choose your C.o.D demands to require a payment before the recipient can claim…

  • All Champ can do the Arena !

    Zelwindin - - HEX Fansites


    Cool challenge, awesome stuff sir!

  • Still stuck in the loop

  • Also stuck in a loop downloading the resource.assets file. What can I do to get out of the loop?

  • Hi all! Not having any luck on trade chat over several days so I thought i'd post here. I have 180k gold to sell atm and am currently making about 50 to 100k gold a day; Looking to sell this at market value (210:1) but willing to go above market value for continuing/bulk purchases. I will have gold available for the foreseeable future so please feel free to contact me any time. Have a great day!

  • Just saying that when playing against an opponent using one of those "non-interactive" decks that will mill themselves over and over and draw cards out of their graveyard results in the other player being forced to sit there and click "OK" on box after box after box, even when F10 (pass all priorities) is pressed. All I'm asking is to make F10 auto "ok" these boxes. It is extremely irritating having to sit there and click OK again and again when in person I could just say "do your combo thing il…

  • In the tournament right now. Hex crashes after every match start and match end (entering and leaving the lobby) Immense lag in lobby. Please work on this for the next Hex Clash. I have never had issues like this in any tournament ive played in Hex.

  • Conscript is an awful and unfun mechanic imo. I like as little variance as possible, its already a struggle just to get the right shards to play cards. The opponent getting extra rares from sets i cant even play in an evo match because of conscript is just frustrating. No Hexstone please. The saturation of random effects in that game was just too much for me. Less random effects from cards in pvp please.