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  • Quote from KozHex: “Eh, this mode isn't very good anyway imo. Total RNG fest with very little skill. There are very few games that come down to careful play, most of the time it's just whoever RNG's into the first unanswerable threat runs away with the game. It sounded a lot more fun than it actually ended up being imo. Cool sleeve though ” I haven't had time to play in a while, but it seems to me that the skill ceiling is higher than you'd expect for an obvious RNGfest. There are definitely str…

  • Correct me if I'm wrong but..

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    Quote from Etria: “I think whether the "$1000" option appears or not is based on your buying history. I.e., if you bought $100 worth several times or some number of times, then the $1000 option appears. I think it's supposed to make it easier for the people who want to buy a lot of plat. ” Yeah, this is basically how it works. You unlock the option with a history of Platinum purchases. And, yeah, they finally caved about a year ago to my whining about having to process too many transactions.

  • Set 9: Doombringer Spoiler Thread

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    Quote from Eraia: “Quote from Azuchi: “Rather, what exactly do you think could be done to reinforce positivity outside of occasional bouts of goofy antics or mystical whimsy? ” Someone overcoming their adversity and not immediately having something worse happen would be a start... You know... in stead of taking the Luminaries, destroying their avatar, having them all fall into depression, and then ALSO becoming slaves to some masochistic book of doom... they could've stopped after the second par…

  • Quite the Undead Zombie Gnoll army today! Enjoy DEATHDOZER... uL3GOpe.jpg

  • Quote from Colin: “Quote from Olfff: “The locke B/R reanimation spell could be nice with the Nox scorpion people. Or just in the aristocraft deck. " Heyyyy My blightbark bursters are on the field again ! and they die ! and so do you. " ” Wait till you get a look at some of the other consequences of Locke's Blood Magic experimentation... rL90EWz.png ” Any guesses on what my new Undead Zombie Gnoll BFF does? YbSjVlU.png The person who gets closest (in my opinion) first gets a Set 9 Primal on launc…

  • Quote from Olfff: “The locke B/R reanimation spell could be nice with the Nox scorpion people. Or just in the aristocraft deck. " Heyyyy My blightbark bursters are on the field again ! and they die ! and so do you. " ” Wait till you get a look at some of the other consequences of Locke's Blood Magic experimentation... rL90EWz.png

  • Busting the Biggest Siege

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    Quote from Ossuary: “Boy I bet Skullzor wishes he'd tested his decks before posting them. The AI won't play Titania's Majesty. ” I'm betting he knew exactly what he was doing.

  • Yeah, sorry for being out of the loop for a while - real life got the best of me. One of the many crushing blows was a stress fracture in my foot - incredibly problematic when training for Boston. But it seems to be fine now and I'm back on track to run as expected, albeit a little slower than I'd once anticipated. Everyone should have their prizes (except Wolzarg's playset which I'll resolve as soon as I can). And I sent everyone who contributed a Set 8 pack, 3 random packs for the delay, and a…

  • Quote from Varadrim: “As the upcoming set is multi-shard focused, it stands to reason we'll be getting a cycle of rare resources that will allow for fixing, either on par with the Wells or perhaps better. Here are some ideas ... 1) Shard of Ruby and Wild - Gain 1/1. Pay 3 life: Gain R and W 2) Shard of Ruby and Wild - Pay 4 life when this is played. Gain 1/1. Gain R/W - Your other Shards of Ruby and Wild in your deck lose this (the pay a life and threshold gain) ability. 3) Shard of Ruby and Wil…

  • Also, this is mostly why I've been AWOL... So much running... iqnVrAx.jpg

  • I'm so sorry, I thought I'd posted on the 26th but it was sitting here as an unpublished draft. Then I was traveling and authenticator challenged. Without further ado, winners... - Day 9: BOOT - Day 10: Jinous - Day 11: Hacky - Day 12: Wolzarg - Shirt 1: pjvedder - Shirt 2: Sheltim - Shirt 3: Raith - Shirt 4: Androod I'm planning to have all the in-client prizes sent out by the end of this upcoming weekend (January 14th, 2018), except for the Playset (maybe) since I need to coordinate with HEX a…

  • Quote from Sheltim: “I don't know how I missed this until now, but I hope it's not too late! And hey, even if it is, the donation is for a good cause. Good luck in the Marathon, Colin. ” Yeah, you're good for Days 10 -12 and the T-Shirts (and Cory's Primals) drawings. Thank you so much!

  • Quote from Eraia: “Quote from CoSVII: “It’s a CODE ... that is sent ” That'd make sense! So I guess one code for each collector deck so far... or four 'pick any collector deck currently for sale' codes... either way. Awesome. ” Actually, I'll just be sending you the Platinum. Unless you specifically want Phoenix Decks (I might have a couple of codes laying around). You can do with it what you wish. It was more a flavor thing - the 12 days and all.

  • Work is going to screw me over tonight, so I just drew the winners for Days 1 - 8. Without further ado... 1. Day 1: Gwaer 2. Day 2: Studebaker 3. Day 3: KozHex 4. Day 4: Eraia 5. Day 5: Tiddyn 6. Day 6: Zyblen 7. Day 7: TheBlastedHeath 8. Day 8: Valoisian The Day 5 Mystery Prize is 100 Packs, 10 Primals, 2 Poster Codes (SoF, SD Regular Art), and a (significant) bunch of stuff from the various GenCons (physical cards and unscratched codes). Congratulations, Tiddyn - Message me your actual address…

  • Sorry, I had a personal emergency come up. Tomorrow looks much better. Wednesday, 12/20/2017 at 6pm EST. I'll draw Days 1 - 8.

  • Planning to stream Monday 12/18 at 6pm EST to give away Days 1 - 6. EDIT: Had to change the day to deal with real life. Apologies!

  • Quote from TheDarkKnight: “made a donation hopefully in time to be in mystery drawing ” Yup, you made it! Thank you so much!

  • Quote from Serenity: “Just got my donation in also, hope to make the cutoff for day 5 but if not, I really hope the run goes well. Your awesome. ” You did! I'm using HEX time (PST). Thank you so much! ~3 hours to go before the Day 5 cutoff!!!

  • Quote from Wolzarg: “It's a signed photo of Colin winning the race guys get in fast! ” A. That's never happening! B. The Mystery Prize is probably more valuable than the playset. And easier to cash out if that's your thing. Also, $645 to go to unlock the Frostheart playset. Thanks again to everyone who has contributed! It means a great deal to me.

  • 15 hours or so to get in on the Day 5+ drawings! You really want to be in Day 5!