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  • Friday Update

    Eraia - - HEX News and Announcements


    Good decision. No point in posting meaningless updates when you have nothing to say. This way people will know if they see an update at all that it actually has SOME content.

  • Hex 2 and PVE

    Eraia - - HEX Discussions


    Quote from Obsidian: “Cory made a post talking about how he hasn't forgotten or given up on Hex. Their attention has been on generating lines of revenue to continue development, but also mentioned the possibility of a Hex 2 where they could start over. The community latched onto the idea because it's the only thing that's been presented to us in at least a year, but it can't be stressed enough that Hex 2 isn't even in alpha stages. They are looking to generate funding for an idea, so don't expec…

  • I 100% saw no chance of consistent 'development updates' - that would've been a ridiculous expectation, especially given the expected timeframe... but I will admit to some small amount of hope that they would've had someone routinely come in here and just be a presence on the forums, whether it be about chatting about real-world stuff, other games, events in tournaments, interesting deck ideas(Whether meta or silly), or even just silly forum games... I won't claim to have EXPECTED it, but there …

  • If the assumption is made that at some point Hex is going to have a big 'relaunch' moment, whether it be a completely new game or a big patch that revamps the mechanics and adds a bunch of new stuff.... then there seems like little reason to preserve value at the expense of player engagement at this particular time. Not saying that the 'final product' shouldn't, of course. That's a discussion that there's little reason to have here. However, encouraging players to be involved with the game as a …

  • Quote from Vroengard: “@Eraia FFXIV is one example. The other is No Man's Sky, where they did massive changes to the game without closing it and opening another one. Both are success stories. The only advantage a new Hex would have over fixing the old one is the codebase. ” No Man's Sky had a gradual rebirth, but really got brought to attention when they did, essentially, a No Man's Sky 2.0 style move in the form of one of the big patch, that came with a heavy marketing push by Sony among others…

  • Quote from Aiyers: “1: You spoke about this concept of a "HEX 2". Why would you need for there to be a HEX 2? You have previously spoken about unimplemented content so why not work to bring that content to this game? There's nothing wrong with keeps, crafting, raids, clans, etc. ” When you have something fail, you need a formal relaunching to prove to people that there is enough change to justify a second chance. Look at FFXIV - the first one failed miserably, most people left. When they came ba…

  • Minor Client Update 4/25

    Eraia - - Maintenance and Updates


    The maintenance notice says what the new items are... ladder cosmetics. Don't get your hopes up guys.

  • Actually

    Eraia - - HEX Discussions


    Quote from Zampe: “Sorry I don't search Now I understand... You think there is a possibility in the future for an update? ” The only update we're likely to see is when they finally decide its not worth keeping the servers up. Quote from Goliathus: “Hex is on persistent vegetative state, it exists merely because the family doesn't want to end its life. On the other hand, Hex Ent has apparently gone to a different pasture. Welcome to Red & Blue, a Chinese-made blockchain TCG made by the joint vent…

  • It amuses me greatly that the community is now reduced to throwing shit at each other, since the devs have clearly pulled themselves out of reach(by just... not caring about what happens here) That has been 'fun' to watch.

  • As we all expected... Christmas and New Years are both cancelled in Hex. However... I gotta say... I wish they'd used THAT art while I was still interested in playing. I would've definitely been motivated to grind my way up.

  • Xmas exchange game.

    Eraia - - HEX Discussions


    Quote from JazzfanTwentySev: “Well, this is going over like a lead balloon. I just wanted to give a little something back to the community, and the community is like, 'nah, I'm good.' ” It's not so much that, it's just... most of us only visit the forums once or twice a week at most now. I usually pop by for my Friday lump of coal. And occasionally I get the urge to see what 'everything's doomed' meme is popular now.

  • Quote from Obsidian: “Man, everyone's so angry they have to pay for their games. Almost everyone leaving a negative review just wants to grind gameplay for cards at whatever crawl Valve sets. Valve respected their customer's time by making a no-grind, no BS game and they're getting slammed for it in reviews. "Artifact just wants all the money!" while a playset of every card in the game's like, $200. And that's on release. As more packs get opened, cost of cards is going to plummet. It's ridiculo…

  • My expectations have officially exactly reached reality. I no longer feel any disappointment about these updates.

  • Quote from JazzfanTwentySev: “I think it could be done with a minimum of effort really. The passives could simply be effects from existing cards. Say you want to highlight a new mechanic of ... Verdict. Say fully half of your dungeon is devoted to verdict decks. Passive #1 - Whan you play a spirit then verdict. Passive #2 - Verdicts are ancient verdicts. Passive #3 - When a minion with 5 or more attack attacks verdict. Passive #4 - Start the match with a Spirit of retribution in play. Minions do…

  • Quote from Pandaemonium: “Alot of changes people have recommended are very simple and shoudnt take too much effort. The most complicated decision I like is having drafts fire hourly rather than on demand. Either the company doesnt like money or they are telling people to move on in a passive aggressive way. ” Or their project management skills are as bad as their understanding of what people want... oh wait, that answer is just way too realistic...

  • Quote from Ossuary: “Companies like EA and Activision have also done a really good job of brainwashing people into believing costs are high with all their rhetoric so they can hide their actual clients' (the investors) profits inside those "very high" costs. It's not the development that costs so much, it's the corporate greed. ” That's not entirely fair. Many SNES games were made with teams of 20-30 people working over a year or so. Game dev teams now number in the thousands with years of work …

  • Quote from AceBladewing: “Who's targeting PVE? I'd like to try them out. ” Hearthstone has PvE content. It's not on the same scale as what Hex was trying to do, but it has it.

  • Quote from Raptos: “2. Ban list that actually matters: Do away with the watch list, (which is an excuse for hxe to be lazy) add a limited and semi limited category. (1 of's and two of's respectively.) update it monthly, and unilaterally applied to any and all PVP formats. ” Not going to comment on much, but this is not right. A card can be weak in limited but strong in constructed. Commons can be overpowered in rock, but too weak in standard. A standard card can be broken in the current standard…

  • Quote from AceBladewing: “Right, so why are you so sure someone can't do the same with a TCG? ” I'm not, if you read my comment, I said: Quote from Eraia: “Unless someone CREATES a third market, there isn't room for a third big game ” I'm not sure what that third market could be for CGs, honestly. They have a pretty niche appeal due to the high investment required, but I am certainly not saying it's impossible. Just unlikely. There was a time when I figured PvE was going to be that, but now one …

  • wtb Cards and Equips

    Eraia - - Auction House and Trading


    So I had less than I thought, but had an extra of something I didn't expect. Hope that helped. Good luck.