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  • 1.After AI opponent in frost arena play --->[Rotpaw Gang] it start using his ability -->[sacrifice another troop -->Choose One:This get [Flight] ;or this get [Lifedrain]] 2. the problem is, it continue sacrifice other creature EVEN AFTER IT ALREADY HAVE IT(both of them). 3. it basically sacrifice all of his creature and if he summon new one he sacrifice it straight away.

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    1.I got in play [Grim Harvester] 2/2 2. Because of special effect of battelground (frost arena effect--->[troops without [Flight] get -1/0] ) 3. So me [Grim Harvester] is now 1/2 4.I play [Valor] on [Grim Harvester] so he should be now 2/3 BUT instead it change to 0/4 ???? why???? the opponent got [Basic-summon ability so it is not interfering the mechanic here) 5. Non other card in play/graveyard have any ability that grant or explain the results 0/4 instead 2/3 6.when i play [Valor] on my troo…

  • 1. i got [Giant Mosquito] 1/1 that got [Lethal] ability 2. i us [Mettle] on it, so now it got [Swiftstrike] ability to 3. opponent play [Storm Drummer] and got it in play, that grants next troop from deck that he play ability ---> [Deploy - you may have this battle target opposing troop] 4. opponent play [Caribaur Healer] that he draw from deck and chose target troop --->my [Giant Mosquito] as valid target and make them fight 5. both troops die 6 the thing is me [Giant Mosquito] have [Lethal] + …