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  • 1M gold giveaway

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    IGN: Vastus

  • That friday feeling!!!

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    Quote from Cernz: “imagine its friday ” I thought today was sadnessday...

  • Akita

  • Fight of the Week

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    Quote from Ossuary: “Gotta be honest... I haven't enjoyed the forums this much in about a year and a half. ” Me too. I'll add to the mix a fun fight scene mixed with guns I enjoyed from Equilibrium. Edit: how do I embed the video within the post?

  • Quote from Assassin: “Im just going to say well done people. You successfully alienated Jeff from Hex, taking away what probably was the biggest advertisement for the game. Your accusations have done more damage to the game than any of this ever could have. I hope you're proud of yourselves for your successful attempt at sinking the ship you're on. ” If you're implying that hxe was financially successfull because of a single player and his circle of friends than I would say that the company isn'…

  • Quote from GryphonGardens: “Quote from Gregangel: “Play activity is mostly driven by collector hunting. Get shinny rare cards, sleeve for collectors to collect or non-collectors to make value. ” I always thought playing was supposed to be fun. Maybe i play games the wrong way though. ” In a market with a lot of games where players can choose from, I would guess that players would stick with the game offering the more (or at least enough) fun and hopefully a generous rewarding system. In this reg…

  • Known Issues Feedback

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    With upcoming siege mode, there should be a section to report and list AI misplays, at least the worst ones. What I am thinking now is Chronic Madness which the AI uses targeting itself ( not that it could be part of a planned strategy, but this is not currentl the case); so I wouldn't be willing to use this card in a defense deck even if I would like. But I suppose that there are other misplays that could be reported and brought to the devs' attention.

  • Quote from VicMan: “Quote from Coyote: “ ” 2. Cory said multiple time that he want the game be like this, you can't have all unless you pay a lot or play a lot. ” If battelboards don't get listed in the shop and they are not tradable, neither paying a lot or playing a lot you can get them. I agree that non tradable items could every now and then be acquired again.

  • It seems to me they have a lot of internal resources for producing art (maybe even too much considering all the stuff coming out every so often) and a lack of resources to put on software engineering, coding and testing, if they had not sailed away on the boat of platforms porting, I would ask for one of the following: - dungeon runs with draft (with attached some proper lore which they are so good at); drafted cards are not kept like when our characters use PVE decks. - keeps on top of the alre…

  • Ps4 EUROPA?

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    As far as I remember, hxe stated that Europe release would've had a delay. And I'm quite sure this delay is for some technical/administrative reason, and not aimed at purposely disappointing players. let's be patient and this game game will shine for all of us

  • Quote from Transience: “I keep forgetting about this: when you copy a card that has been altered do the changes get copied as well? So if you played an already copied troop that received the +3/+3 bonus does the newly created copy now have +6/+6 from the original? ” Yes, the copy retains card modifications EDIT: just read Draxor comment, so now I am in doubt...

  • I think you choose the effect that will be applied, either light or dark, but only one

  • Quote from Olfff: “your charge powers means all charge powers available for you to use : eternal drifter/ lixil. ” I think this is right assumption, Bellow of Briggadon works this way (triggers upon champion's power and drifter's power). EDIT: In regard to the number of activations, it should be that for each turn only one power can be activated (If I don't remember wrong, when a drifter was bounced and then deployed again, it had 2 charge powers, but only one could be used per turn).

  • I was once invited to go play HS just because I dropped a twilight archon turn 3, which should not be that unusual. Anyway I stopped caring about saltiness some times ago, and gregangel and jeff are too far very generous to send gifts to those players

  • Quote from Blackwood: “[...] to chase that eSports silver hammer ” I just wonder if an eSport makes a lot of players or if a lot of players make an eSport... I mean that hex is trying to gather numbers but leaving a track of unsatisfaction behind, with the risk to gain new players while losing others. Some expected features were obvisously (temporarily) sacrificed for the sake of PS4 release; some work is shared with the tablet version, but not all of it. I wish and hope that we get a real incre…

  • Hi all, I'd like to share something I have been thinking about to address playerbase growth/retention. I discovered that a game (no need to name it) I was really not interested in succeeded in retaining me so I tried to imagine something that could be compatible with the current state of Hex. It is not about PvE, the community has already told a lot about it (we want it). Not to mention EDH (only a few players like schild do not care about this). It is about removing a barrier that causes free p…

  • A Fond Farewell

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    Best of luck, see you in game

  • This is a very good point, and I don't say this because I love arguing against HXE, but because I love this game a lot and woudl like them to be a little bit wiser while managing their announcements

  • It seems that the zoom-in/zoom/out trick works only for grouped attackers on the opponent's side (not your own attackers/blockers)

  • Frost Ring Arena - Secrets?

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    I was once playing a fun deck for testing in the old FRA, was not caring about losses; I got my 3rd loss and one second before the rewards screen popped up I could see that my next encounter would've been Uruunaz. not to be too selfish, but dragons' chance should be higher with a diminishing effect that gets applied once you defeat them the first time