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  • Frost Ring Arena - Deck Tier List

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    FRA spirit of shin'hare 4 brewed abrossia 4 well of retribution 3 blood ice 3 diamond ice 4 blightbark reserve 4 wax sacrament 4 fertile engorger 4 sneakblade of the milky eye 4 sepulchra maggot 2 hop'hiro samourai 4 naive lackey 4 lovebound 4 underworld recruiter 4 blood cauldron ritualist 4 lilygrove warden 4 mawstorm 1 spectral acorn equipment: soulrage helm recruiter's ring sneaky garment kit catchers callow clogs sepulchra stone sledge i do lot of perfect to this deck and very fun to play. …

  • linux the idea of bride with equipment in the deck is amazing

  • Standard ranked

    woodelf - - New Player Help


    i buy refuel deck to my friend and he is platine rank 1 with it i think momentum is better now

  • pve card free

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    hello lot of old player want to give you a pve card free just send me a message in hex game and the name of card you need woodelf to help new player