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  • So far is there any deck else that could make perfect runs at a 1/3 or 1/4 chance? Also considering the overall cost, for the possibly upcoming nerf I guess.

  • Twilight Eclipse in Evo

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    Uncombat damage always good especially in limited, you just need to sit there with all your creatures without attack, and save your removal for opponent's evasion. So while it also with healing, how can you lose any more? I guess the only chance for opponent is you never draw it.

  • I wonder if any of those are capable for a perfect FRA run.

  • I thought it was the AAA version of Chronic Madness or Twisted Fate or some chaostouched when I see the art for the first time. Because it looks kind of Cthulhu.

  • Quote from Biz: “i'd rather see deathseeker banned than hideous conversion deathseeker combo is a complete waste of time to play against / play hideous conversion might still result in fun games for both players ” Drowned shrine and Coffin works once opponent doesn't play a Gaze and hit them.

  • Quote from Vroengard: “The problem with Permafrost: You can only have 4 copies in your deck. How many copies of the card(s) you want its thresholds changed are you playing? If it's just one card, the maximum is 4 copies. How consistently will you be having the desired card in hand and a Permafrost to play? Odds are, for X amount of turns, you'll be sitting either on one resource you won't play or one card you can't play. If you play 2 cards * 4 copies each, you'll again most likely be having han…

  • Quote from GobBluth: “Chests take too many clicks and too much time to spin. Dragging each individual chest and watching the animation was cool the first couple dozen times. But now it's just tedious and unnecessary. It reminds me of when power point became popular and people used to animate all the text on their slides. Then everyone came to the conclusion that it wasn't that cool and stopped doing it. I want to stop having to click so many times to spin a chest. ” It's probably just for making…

  • It is the interrupt that makes the d/s strong in later game, with many card draw and dark heart on board, and diamond coins/talon gaining health, it is hard to lose.

  • Quote from Gwaer: “3300 for the GK codes I'd rather not say the collector code because it is not representative of what that tier should go for by a wide margin. The person who bought it just didn't want to deal with an auction and offered easily twice what it was worth... maybe three times. ” I tended to offer more but had no idea how people would be aggressive, so unfortunate I lost a good chance to get it.

  • Quote from Portensio: “If you look 6 post under yours you will see someone selling 2 of them and he is a very reputable seller. ” Just sent Gwaer a pm, not sure how the trade works. Is a person who made the highest offer before the deadline get the code? Or I just make a higher offer than the highest and the seller would decide if it makes him feel good?

  • Want to buy a GK code.

  • I've played the redling deck a lot. Not sure what opening hand you keeped, if you had both 2 color shards in opening hand well I think it's just unlucky. Despite shard problem, bride can be difficult to deal with if you don't draw an answer, and it's same to any deck.

  • Why is this like this? #2

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    I suppose that those keys you couldn't assign to have already been set as some functions of the operating system by default, so you cannot reset them with other program.

  • Personally I like the color of Guidnce, but Eldritch Dreamthief is likely be better to be an animate sleeve in my oppinion. (Somehow I voted the Guidnce)

  • I think one problem that difficult to this deck is troop with crush or spells that give a troop crush like Aspect of the Squirrel, and because it is a quick action so opponent can play it after I make block.

  • New platforms?

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    For tablet or other moble device, I think one of the problems is the battery. For PS4 or others you just need a controller or something different than mouse/keyboard and the client does nothing different than PC imo. However I do hope there is a linux version.

  • Jank bot league season 2?!

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    I will play a jank bot conscript deck, for the spirit of rundomness!

  • I played about 20 matches or so. Once the combo gets going it could win on turn5, and as Limestone said it is a bit fragile to interrup/removal, once one of the components gets down you can hardly get another copy soon especially there are only 2 in the whole deck. I still wouldn't run 4 monk for the curve is a bit too high. I did make some changes, I play 4 copies of Soothsaying, cut absolute power/tilling soil/arcane soil. Add 2 x Young seer/1 x Syzygy/ 4 x Transmog. The wild coin works well w…

  • Status

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    Isn't it

  • Zombie Plague AA

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    As far as I know it is not in game so far.