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  • Quote from Olfff: “Great idea, can't wait to play. The nightmare it's going to be figuring out what combat trick the opp is holding... ” Might not be that hard to figure out as there aren't actually that many in this set. In terms of actual tricks in combat (excluding direct removal and burn) You've got Blood: cheap shot/strangle/blight bestowed Diamond: diamond actually doesn't have any combat tricks that aren't straight up "deal x to target attacking troop" or "destroy target attacking troop" …

  • Potential bug with queueing

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    Hi, Today i recently noticed that i lost a sealed game out of nowhere (without having played any). What i do know, is that I pressed the "<" button on the top left of the screen while i was queuing. After I did that, I think i ended up playing either an evo or draft match. According to Elwinz, I was in a match with Allofya and i was disconnected. The screenshot was made around 12:25 amsterdam time. If there does happen to be a bug where leaving the deck building screen while still queuing that r…

  • I'm going to side in with the people who dislike the variance conscript creates My problem with the mechanic, is not that it creates random troops. But that it creates such a wide range of power, You could get useless 1/3's, or conscript infinitrix (for example). In a game, where variance already a big reason people have problems with the game, introducing more of it, in an uncontrolled format, just creates more and more problems. While without a doubt I think conscript as an idea was great. I l…

  • Can confirm this for evo gauntlet aswell. 4-0

  • New Set 6 Spoiler Thread

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    Quote from Elwinz: “both cards are unplayable imho costs too much for effect. ” I wouldn't call it unplayable, it's playable in the same sense purge was played for a little while, and to some degree mass poly (i know mass poly is much better), But this has a niché and has some potency in, for example kagulichu mirrors as a trump card. But atleast we have a set without a 4 cost board wipe, so we can see how that effects the format.