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  • Got some cards from list and updated it. If u have any of them, just whisper me in here or game. I pay well. =)

  • WTB AA cards with plats to get collection full: 4 x Rizzix, 4 x cryptcurse knight, 4 x Guardian angel 3 x Massacre, 3x Jankbot, 3 x Graven geist, 3 x Typhoon skyshaper, 3 x Grace of tiaanost 2 x Righteous Vanquisher, 2 x Emsee etcher of Nulzann, 2 x Orchi-Notion 1 x Animus of Nulzann, 1 x Living totem, 1 x Cerulean mirror knight, 1 x Jubilant destiny, 1 x Jovial pippit And AAA uncommons from kismet drafts: 1 x Iremaw, 2x Umbral guard 41 total

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    That will happen some day. Just atm we are small playerbase and its not smart to do for just us. I'm guessing it will happen in Hex 2. That is kind of fresh start and chance to do things smarter. That brings lots old and new players to game. Then things need to go so well that they want also stay in game. Not just visit. Starting with new pve content, pack rotations and VIP program. Maybe even more. I'm hopeful =)

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    Working now. Thx =)

  • Log in the game

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    I have same problem. Can't log in. And friend can't log from steam.

  • I'm guessing they will do it with bigger plan. When that happens it need bring lots more players to game for long time. Its not smart change sets just for few ppl for short time. Even i would enjoy that change also, but i rather wait that it happens with good plan. When we get players back to game, they need to stay in game also. Maybe that happens with new VIP program, cause that would help it. Just hoping =)

  • I had long time ago problem with firewalls auto-containment. It did run Hex virtually and it didint work cause of that.

  • Happened again to me also. When saw my game isnt starting when 0-0. Restarted game several times, nothing happened. always pulled me back to standings screen. Then forfeited and it gave me 1 lose. There wasnt forfeit button anymore. Restarted again several times and forfeit button is gone forever. Just seems i'm still playing and got 0-1. Third round started. Looks like round 2 i won my opponent 2-1 even forfeited. But then opponent went to round 3 anyway xD

  • Did u delete api.ini? That caused problems after tcgbrowser closed

  • Support isnt working, so i write here what happened. Also picture is showing that. Everything went good until round 3 second game ended. We was 1-1 with Zipmaster Then in reserves made changes to deck and tried save it several times. Got always error. Time went to end and nothing happened. Didnt pull to third game. Restarted game and it did pull me and Zipmaster to that standings screen what is in picture. Restarted several times and it always pulled me back to that same screen. Couldnt leave to…

  • What if rotate old Clash and Bash battleboard and sleeve rewards and because battleboards are on sale 1k each, then if win it again get that 1k as plats? or get extra packs or something? Bashes and clashes not firing all atm. So that would make ppl want join them easier.

  • Quote from Reeplay: “ Not sure how I feel about the wizard and badlands board being added, at least at the same price as the Campaign boards. Some people entered tournaments every week for months to try and get those. So to be sold for just 1k undermines that a bit. I'm all for making them available again, possibly rotate them back for the bash+clash as an alternative? Or at least increasing the plat price slightly. ” Agree its low price for them. I entered at least 20 clash to get it. Mostly ju…

  • Nothing new really in there. But noticed old kismet packs are in store. That is awesome =D

  • VIP program ideas: What this game need most? Answer is lots players online always. If we have enough players, then all games starts fast and chat is active all time. Also more money to make this game more. How to get that? With VIP programs. Most important thing to get in VIP is 1 free draft every week. Or 3 free packs of any sets what are currently in store to PVE players. PVE players lose then that 100p what cost to enter draft. So maybe compensate that with gold. with current ratio it would b…

  • Awesome update. Finally we got new info. I like that old packs are in store, but would be nice if we get also old kismet's packs to store. And immortal fight night =)

  • FFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFF Tcgbrowser been always exactly same important what game self. Cant play Hex without tcgbrowser. Its always on when play game. We need it

  • Some1 already dropped Participant requirement from 16 to 4. So guessing about same amount clicks needed to drop VIP ticket requirement from it also

  • Could u remove need of VIP tickets from this tournament? I have those still tons, but most of ppl dont have and they cant join, because those not available in store anymore. This need to happen now.....plz

  • u need start bidding from somewhere, so offering 10$.