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  • Just a little suggestion of what can be done in the short-term to attract some new players: When I stopped playing Hex and and got into Pokémon online I noticed an interesting format that they have called Theme deck. I realised after trying it that it is an awesome intro into a TCG for PVP players. It is a format for players to enter with only pre-constructed decks - levelling the playing fields dramatically. Check it out. Since HEX already created pre-constructued decks in the store, why not ju…

  • I do hope that Hex 2 is successful. For that it needs to have enough players. It may be that simplification is necessary to attract new players. I also think forget the free to play concept. If something is good just charge for it so that it can survive.

  • I have been popping in every now and again to see what has been happening. Sort out stuff and I'll be back. I always enjoyed the game. Been occupying myself with Pokémon of all things for a bit. I'll support whatever you deem to be the best iteration of Hex.

  • The end of hex has put me of card games. Back in serious raiding in Warcraft now. At least no matter what criticisms are dished out at wow they don't disappear

  • Just suggest

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    I stopped playing for quite few months now. Just logged on to forum to see if any miraculous changes happened. There does not seem to be even the slightest inkling of activity. At this point bringing back into the game would be difficult.

  • Been away for a few months. Is the constructed ladder firing at all. It was so dead when I left that I spent more time waiting than playing. Still no info on future plans.

  • must have been lots of constructed going on. created a raid ready character in destiny 2 and no hex in last month. i'm 2 on constructed ladder

  • although I like sealed, at this point in time its not worth playing. set 9 has been around so long that collections are complete. if set 10 ever comes limited will pick up. currently the fact tht only 30 or so players are cosmic limited should give us the answer

  • there is just about no activity at all on the servers currently. it would take a miracle to revive anything now

  • I've already picked another game as my main game destiny 2. I just log into hex and play a bit when in the mood. worrying about these updates is a waste of time. If something useful or significant is done I'll reassess then.

  • Is eternal like hex/mtg or closer to hearthstone?

  • I'm looking to buy the following: 4 forgotten triolith 1500 each 4 optimatron 950 each 4 slithering marauder 800 each 4 angel of foresight 750 each just cod me

  • I've always liked the sealed format but definitely think best of 3 doesn't work. switching back to best of 1 would work better. Immortal isn't really impacting anyone since not enough players go there anyway. Longer term with enough sets it will get more popular. just not sure the prize structure is right. evo obviously gets the numbers but it is a new player format. when I go into evo the pairings of experienced players versus new players just does not feel right and leads to frustration.

  • Hi For those who want some platinum, I'm looking for the following alternate art cards: 2 aa hieros at 1100 each 4 aa massacres at 800 each 4 aa cult of the nameless city at 550 plat each 4 aa light em up at 1000 plat each 4 aa light the votives 750 each 3 Cassandra 500 each 4 aa cyclone shaper 700 plat each I also want the following pve cards 2 glimmerfly dance at 300 plat each and 2 brewed ambrosia at 300 each. Please cod in-game if anyone is interested. thanks

  • it hasn't felt like the forge has been dead. between artefacts and dwarves I think I've got 10. the only things I can think of to drop to increase count is the yazukan and 1 change course. Maybe the dragon Syyn can be used and some other random artefact or dwarf. So can improve to 12 targets.

  • Been bored with the ladder in the last 2 weeks so i’ve been doing a lot of arena. Here is a really effective deck i’ve been using which others can optimize if they wish. 4 forge of cadoc 4 howling brave (use the equip) 4 hiero (speed and resource generator gems) 4 underworld reinforcements 4 cottontail explorer 4 mistress of bones 4 rotten rancor 4 replipopper 2 mad robomancer 1 yazukan 3 change course Use replipopper and mistress equipments and for underworld reinforcements. I can’t remember my…

  • Tournament suggestions

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    I also like the idea. Immortal if done right has the potential to be the best and most interesting format.

  • The prize for winning is 10k plat. From experience u just wait about a day or so

  • A Look Back (I'm Bummed)

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    Quote from icecon: “Hex is the best game I ever played and ever will play. I've already told my guild, once done with Hex, I'm done with gaming. Nothing in gaming will come close to the intellectual challenge and amazing company that was enjoying peak Hex. If you have rich friends, please convince one of them to buy this thing and fix it up. ” I have to say that even though I acknowledge what others say are faults, I tend to agree with the above, although i’d say best tech. Best rpg eg would be …