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  • Help please

    Talekith - - Bugs and Tech Issues


    Quote from Utremeld: “Move to a different game, nobody can help you here. ” Quote from Ertzi: “Yup. Save yourself, and you friend. Fly, you fools! ” So a person makes a forum account just to ask help regarding how to get a game running properly in order to get a chance to enjoy it and you two here are immetadily shooing him/her away? Nonetheless @Orlita i'm not a tech savvy but considering from the screenshots you seem to be literally missing cards (Collection still shows 0... weird) and some of…

  • Quote from Goliathus: “Are we pulling a Skylords Reborn? ” YES! Quote from Dekroma: “I think the only way they save face is by giving it to the community. At least then we get something out of it. I would definitely do my due diligence working through the code to see if it is even feasible to craft a plan and vision to improve aspects of the game. With good coders, good vision, and near-free business model, it would be interesting to see if Hex could get some trackion with a set 1/2 relaunch fro…

  • I really don't know what you're saying. My sieges are taken every 6 hours to 2 days by both PC and PS4 players. And now as I logged in my siege was beaten again by a PC player when it was at 5 sacks. Say what you want about Siege being a totally dead playground but atleast on my little corner I'm having a decent amount of activity... perhaps too much as I can't get to gather decent amount of sacks. Just enjoy my little sieges people! EDIT: Didn't see the last two posts before posting this as I d…

  • You probably shouldn't multipost this same topic. I'm sure that people in the deck building section are capable to help you without the General Discussion area

  • People this conversation is starting to get out of hand. How about first we just wait for an announcement from Hex which is surely coming this week?

  • What's in your Siege Sack?

    Talekith - - HEX Discussions


    Quote from Portensio: “Quote from Talekith: “Only managed to get 2 Siege Sacks in total so haven't really had success in getting more Siege Packs. Please if you get mercenaries from the Siege Packs, could you screenshot them here? ” You mean the free 2 one ” No, literally meant 2 Siege Sacks and not Packs. And yes you can horribly laugh at me now.

  • What's in your Siege Sack?

    Talekith - - HEX Discussions


    Siege Golem Sleeve Euipment for Arcanum Vacuum Only managed to get 2 Siege Sacks (not packs!) in total so haven't really had success in getting more Siege Packs. Please if you get mercenaries from the Siege Packs, could you screenshot them here?

  • Quote from Lunavi: “Yeah, maybe not getting Jimquisition to talk about a game that includes loot-boxes, betting, and other shenanigans if the intention is to make people join it. x) ” Well Sterlingsson probably hates TCGs, pokemon and MTG alike. Packs after all are lootboxes in his sense. Just imagine is TCGs get restricted by laws due to all this lootbox shenanigans

  • PvE Dead?

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    Quote from Grollub: “I have leveled like 20+ characters to max lvl, PVP doesnt really do much for me. ” I'm in the exactly same boat as you're I more or less fear playing PvP and get little to no enjoyment of it. Patiently waiting... Hex is the game where I want to have my fantastic PvE card game experiences as so far no other card game has managed to satisfy in the same level. Hopefully we just get to experience that PvE someday to the fullest as it was originally planned to.

  • Can't wait! Moar goodies!!!

  • Great news! As for Cosmic Coins: Never been to cosmic due to my anxiety for PvP, not sure if Cosmic Coins are enough to engourage me to overcome it. Good to know that Cosmic Packs are atleast tradeable. I would prefer a way to buy most or some of the new stuff which comes with Cosmic Coins but nonetheless I'm happy that other people get to enjoy this. Siege Sacks: Haven't really touched Siege either. Strict Standard PvP card restricition for attacking is what puts me off from it but now I might …

  • As for Naryip, disclaimer I have never used him as I don't really see what he can really bring to the table besides for the amazing +cost on Quick Actions on opposing turns. Also I've kept in my that you want to keep the full Plants theme and since you're a newer player, no expensive cards. You have a pretty good base here with Bramble Creeper, Blightseed Fiddler, Blightbush , Sporeshambler Poppycakes, Wild Growth and you even got Chlorophyllia! Huge +1 As xbete already pointed out Briar Legion …

  • Encountered this today. When using card like Mentor's Keepsake is not proccing the -1 effect even if I have a Mage troop in my hand so I assume that the class of the champion is currently bugged.

  • Quote from ReluxTheRelux: “Nanamancer has been captured by the gnolls and been forced to drink fatalfuel last time we saw him @Talekith. ” Has Nanamancer appeared anywhere before set 9?

  • Could someone explain to me what this nanamancer thing is? I just don't get what it is all about

  • Quote from RUchamp: “After patch 1.16 for the PS4, upon game start after cinematic the game says in a box "[not connected]" while the normal box with the loading bar flashes for a milisecond then goes away a few times, then a message shows up saying "RATE_LIMITED_TITLE" then game crashes ” Check the downtime again mate. Or are you way too eager to get to play with the new set? (Hidden Content)

  • I demand mercenary spoilers! Satisfy my PvE lust!

  • Sporeburg

    Talekith - - HEX Discussions


    EDIT: Correction, this is wrong! Need to refind the way how the node was unlocked. ( Not sober atm, going to find out later ) As long as you have 1 Dreadling in your crypt, the node opens. You can for example just put Baxoth of Korru merc on your party and that's it.

  • If you haven't noticed, Vennen are not spiders (Hidden Content)

  • All I can say is.... giphy.gif