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  • Deck economic

    Tolias - - Strategies and Decklists

    Post!/deck=241699 This is the most consistent cheap deck in FRA cleaning, I think. Spiraling End is the most expensive piece, but you will get them as your farm the arena. Replace them with morphology until you get them. Also prioritize getting the actions over the special lands, leave those for last.

  • PVE Vennen Ranger

    Tolias - - Strategies and Decklists


    The base build provided by CF above is excellent, but it does tend to be somewhat expensive at lvl 15 (lots of equipment running for 100+ plat). This is what my ranger last used, before I switched to a Xocoy deck.!/deck=3b76f5a83fe627c7006bcfd746df07af It's not very optimized, since I was putting pieces in and out constantly. But I would say the core pieces are: 3x Seeing Red, 4x Abominate, Kog'Tepetl's Thirst, Glyph of Hatred ---- To buff your spider 4x Contract killing, 3x…

  • Was playing vs Krharath in the Kraken dungeon. The infantry dude was affected by leg shot (defensive). After he chose to block my Killblade the game is in a sort of permanent pause. I can use the menus, zoom cards, but the game simply doesn't go on. Screenshot Edit: After restarting the game resumed properly. Might have been a disconnect. Delete this if appropriate.

  • Hey there. I've been throwing some hours at the campaign lately and having a blast - mad nostalgia for 1994 MtG by Microprose. Anyway, I've hit lvl 7 with my Elf Ranger and have started hitting (or rather banging repeatedly) some walls, namely Wiktor and the Gnoll king. My haphazardly thrown together red/blue deck features some lifegain (via white pawns and ranger talents), some burn (via artifacts entering,direct spells and ranger abilities) and some card drawing. Creature wise, I've gone with …